Monday, January 19, 2009

Shoes, Glorious Shoes

So I've decided to try and create one new piece of art daily. Sometimes I can actually do that just fine, sometimes it's really a chore. Anyway, I'm going to post some of them here, and if I really like them I'll put them in my Etsy shop.
Today, it's Shoe #1. I have been watching old Sex and the City reruns and have become shoe obsessed. Which is better than my usual purse obsession because I won't actually buy the shoes since most of them I'd break my neck in!


  1. saw your cupcake designs on etsy and love them! how can i get a hold of you to possibly do a logo for me? thanks!

  2. First, thanks for your interest!

    Second, I take custom work orders at my Etsy shop, there should be a spot where you can select "contact this seller" or some such. Then you can give me an idea of what you are looking for and if it's something I can do, I will create a custom listing for you based on our emails.
    (You can sign up for an Etsy "account" just as a buyer, you don't have to sell anything yourself.)
    Or just let me know here, if that doesn't work for you for some reason. I check this all the time! :)

  3. Very interesting.
    Is there any surf boarding off the beach shown?
    You have VWs with strange paint jobs. I had a new 66 (meaning it and I are old) that was dark blue, white walls, and a 1300 emblem on the back engine cover (the front cover is for the luggage and gas tank). Do you do dark blue VWs viewed from the rear quarter so the 1300 is seen? I bet lots of old VW owners might be interested in a view of the old VW.


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