Thursday, November 17, 2011

New art listed on Storenvy

I have a new shop at an online store: Storenvy! I'm going to be listing some of the same stuff I have listed at my Etsy stores, but it will have a lot of different things as well, such as the pictures from my Sketchbook Project from last year.

I have the following listed and more!


  1. really the girls with the derigible...and the bed and the birdcage ship....very cool stuff!!!!

  2. question...would you be open to me using a couple of these for a poetry prompt @ dversepoets? would be early january but may drive some traffic your way? full credit of course....

  3. Love everything you do. I have new niece or nephew on the way and methinks he or she needs a sweet print for the nursery...will be checking out your wares.

  4. it would be so cool if you did a piece of art on my poem today...if you do let me know and i will drop a link...

  5. next saturday will be the day...mind if i drop you a few questions so i can give a brief profile on you the artist?


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