Saturday, December 17, 2011

Art In Poetry In Art (in poetry [in art...]...)...

So my dear bloggy friend, Brian Miller, has given me the distinct honor of using some of my art for his hosting of the dVerse poets site today. It doesn't go live until 3pm (est) but he started the ball rolling with this most lovely of poems.
** update ** dVerse is  now live. To see the poems go to comments and click on each blogger's link and it will take you to the site to read the poems. (You can't see me, but I am so doing the happy dance right now!)

Be sure and check out the other offerings, I'm sure they will rock almost as much as Brian's.

Poetics: Balloons & Dirigibles

You want to see the world?
You want to see the world?

Let me fix you a cocktail
     one part Crash, cause it hits every angle
     mix in some P.S. I love you
     stir with Hotel Rwanda
     and garnish with a spritz of Once

Watch them all in one night, no matter
how your eyes sting, not from lack of sleep
but where the shards of what ricochets
round your chest scRaTCHes tunnels
out your tear ducts, one spoonful at a time
like Edmond Dantes,

“Moral wounds have this peculiarity -
they may be hidden, but they never close;
always painful, always ready to bleed when touched,
they remain fresh and open in the heart.”

But tonight I am in McDonald's & she
is wiping trays, with a white rag speckled
in slight stains


they say she is touched, fucked up or just
REtard-ed (oh, how i hate that word)
with their looks or stance or awkwardness
as they pass with perfect polished balloons
& she a dirigible, which may seem more
powerful but pulls her here & there, especial-
ly when she opens her mouth as her face

goes sideways, everything rolling gravel,
elongates & does a twist as it passes her lips,
so she mostly
               just smiles

Kids love her, gather at her ankles
with empty trays, cheeks red sun rays
at the twinkle in her eyes, opposite the ones
that turn away as if she is contagious, or act
oblivious in ignorance

The kids though they know she is a special
kind of beautiful---
        my son pops in the last nugget of his
        happy meal, seals the red & yellow box
        with prize inside and goes to slide
        out the booth, tray in hand, but i intercept
his pass, not wanting to miss the chance to intersect

& say "Thank You" just to bask in those pearly whites
so brite i'd hate to pay the light bill, on our way out
as the credits roll on just thirty minutes of life at McDonald's,
so tell me

You want to see the world?
You want to see the world?

Let me fix you a cocktail, better yet,
try taking a trip on a dirigible.

-brian miller


  1. I absolutely love this painting and Brian's words fit it so well. You have a lovely blog!

  2. woohoo...the honor is mine...about to hit the button to go live...thank you for letting us write your art...

  3. One of the big reasons I love Brian so much (other than his fantastic poetry) is how many wonderful artists and writers I have been introduced to through his amazing work. Tera...I have to say I LOVE what I have seen, I LOVE that you have shared it with dVerse, and I am off to post my response to the Poetics prompt. Know you have found a new fan!!!

  4. two artists in one great post. Thanks, Tera (and Brian, as always.)

  5. I am so happy Brian led me here! It's so nice to meet you, Tera.

  6. just thought i'd stop by and say thanks again for allowing us to write to your wonderful artwork tera.. much appreciated..

  7. Hi Tera -- I loved writing to your work -- I listened to Bach as I meditated and wrote, your artwork open before me. It was a delightful hour or so spent in the wonder of the muse connecting me to creativity.

    And thanks for dropping in to visit me! Loved your perspective of stop, look and listen with our hearts. Lovely!

  8. As I was reading this (I hadn't read Brian's yet) I thought how similar your poetic style is to Brian's...and then! What a marvelous blend of visual and word art. I love your work, Tera, and appreciate that you took the time to visit my post.


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