Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's Thursday!

Okay, I'm just trying to sound excited about it, but really, I have three more days until I get to my weekend.

So how was everyone's Halloween? I hope this finds you well, and out of harm's way. That storm back east was scary enough! I've heard it referred to as "Frankenstorm". Ugh. Well, I hope you all got a bit of a reprieve and maybe some fun last night.
We love watching the little ones going door to door. Some of the big ones are funny, too. We deck the house out big time. Secret Agent Man loves holidays and he does 'em up right. We even had a big spooky tree in the front  yard this time. Fun fun!

I sort of dressed up - if by dress up you include wearing a hat that looks like a cat and my funky cat-eye glasses.

Secret Agent Man dressed up like a secret agent man. On vacation.

It was fun.
Part of the fun was making sure kittens didn't run for the door. They are quite fascinated with any and all doors. They are constantly making a break for it.  We have to keep certain doors shut all the time so they don't get into trouble. Like the storage room. Where they can knock boxes over. Or get up in the ceiling because we have a hole cut for air so the pipes don't freeze.
Maggie got up there the other day.
She's a little pickle.

We have come to the conclusion that the kittens probably think their names are "Maggie Careful" and "Starla Don't Eat That".

Maggie, careful...

Starla,  don't eat that...

Maggie! Careful!

Starla! Don't eat that! 


  1. haha i love your pictures...and it is much the same with my cats...a barrel of fun...we are nursing my kitten as he got busted up pretty good in a fight the other night...

  2. Très amusantes vos illustrations... Cela fait du bien à admirer...
    J'aime bien votre petite Starla remplie d'innocence...
    Gros bisous

  3. Hahahahahaha, you are funny! Love the illustrated slice of life. I took my little one around the neighborhood, and the houses that were decked out and stuff were always the best. Yay for secret agent man and you! Happy Friday!


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