Thursday, October 22, 2009

I have this phone...

...that I really hate. But, as is the way with cell phone companies, I'm not "eligible" to get a new phone until next October. I may have to accidentally on purpose lose mine in a lake or something.
It is one of these, and they look fun, and they look stylish, but it is - in actuality - a giant pain in my patookis.
It is a touch phone.
This means that every time I touch the screen (digging it out of my purse, setting it on the counter, trying to make a phone call, pretty much any time I'm anywhere near the damn thing) I accidentally activate something I don't mean to. Sometimes it's a program I didn't even know was on the phone!

This includes the camera feature.
Why do they set the button for the camera right where you always (always!) put your thumb when you pick up the phone?!
Consequently, I have numerous accidental pictures. I discovered these a couple days ago when I was looking for one I actually intended to take.

What happened to a plain old cell phone that makes/receives calls? That's another thing! This phone, for whatever reason, often does not ring, so I get all these voicemails from people wondering where the heck I am that I'm not answering my phone...when it's been sitting right there next to me. And then when I grab the phone to find out who called, I take more pictures! Yea!
So anyway, I thought I'd share with you some of my accidental photography, while I'm still trying to finish up some earrings.

I think this is my laptop.

One of my bead boxes?
My bathroom floor.
My car.

(While I was trying to figure out how to email these to myself, I discovered that I have a "task" feature on my phone. ? I don't even know what this is! I may have to investigate further...)


  1. HA! Maybe I should share some of my accidental pics. Or not. :-)

  2. Funny what we complain about these days! haha!

    Damn my plasma screen tv!!!hahaha!

  3. MHS usually had hundreds of these in his phone. I usually try to delete them for him while on a roadtrip or waiting in line somewhere. LOL

  4. Are you sure you don't have grandkids? These are the kinds of photos I find on my phone AND camera when they've been around. It's kind of a pain to delete them all too. Blame it on the cat that takes showers.

  5. Shit dude! I have those same pics! Although, I have not been able to get them to the puter from my phone! baby steps.


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