Friday, October 9, 2009

New Crystals

So I got my new Swarovski Crystals from Remember? I agreed to blog about Artbeads and their products and they agreed to give me free stuff? I love me some free stuff!

I tried some different colors and sizes than I normally would, usually I use about a 4mm crystal (I found out the 3's are way tiny, after accidentally buying a bunch, but I'll figure out something to do with them, I'm sure.) But this time I thought I'd try some larger ones to use more like a bead than an accent, so I got 5mm ones. They are quite nice, and the colors are just like they looked online, so that's a bonus! I hate it when you order something on line, beads, shoes, sweaters -whatever- and they look completely different in person than they did in the catalog or online.
Well, these are great. I'm looking forward to having some time this weekend to make some stuff. I think I'm going to do earrings. I, personally, wear more earrings than I do necklaces. But we'll see where it goes. Sometimes I start with one idea and go somewhere completely different. My drawings often work that way, too.

I do have some time this weekend, too, because Hubby, aka Secret Agent Man, is off to Michigan visiting his folks. I couldn't get any vacation time, so I get to stay home and work. And clean house. And make jewelry!

Here's some pix of the crystals I got this week. They are colors like Indian Sapphire, Indian Pink, Rose, Peridot, Padparadscha, Blue Caribbean Opal (which is interesting and opaque, I haven't used crystals like that before), Jet,
Black Diamond,and Silver Shade. In a couple days hopefully I will be posting more jewelry.

And don't forget, all my posted jewelry is available at olivehue2 on Etsy! If you want to buy something, and you include in the message to seller that you saw it on my blog, I will give you a discount and free shipping!


  1. They are so lovely! The older I get the more I love sparkles. (grin) You are such a talented y oung lady!

  2. Nice jewels! One day I will show you my family jewels! HAHAHA!!! Not in a million years lol

  3. Oh so pretty...and of course I had a feeling Otin might say something like that- LOL!

    Sending you an email with the giveaway winner pick darling!


  4. ooohh...pretties! I can't wait to see what you make with those beauties.

  5. Have fun with your alone time. I can't wait to see what you do with them.

  6. I love the 4mm bicone swarovski beads. You can also get them on ebay for a really good price. Way better of a deal then in stores.


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