Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday and Home Sick

While I am waiting for another shipment of promotional stuff from Artbeads.com to play with, I am going to rant. I have been absent for over a week, and here's why:

It's been hell week here. Secret Agent Man came down with something nasty about half-way through Thanksgiving Day and now I have it, so I'm home sick today and blogging.

On Thanksgiving we had my brother here, with his wife and 3 kids, and one of SAM's single friends from work. It was a nice day, but goodness! I think the dishes multiplied when we weren't watching.
(It sounds so bad...but I think we finally got the dishes all done last night...)

Then Thursday night SAM says his throat has been hurting. By Friday morning he was down for the count. He felt well enough to go to work yesterday but was going to come home early -however, it was not to be. Too many meetings and TPS reports...
And about half-way through my day yesterday...I thought I had just talked to one too many crazy persons and was starting to get a headache, but no...by the time I got home my throat hurt and by about 8pm I knew I had "it"...whatever "it" is. So I'm home today so I don't spread the love to everyone at my work.

On top of all of this fun stuff, it has come down the pike that the Government (which has turned into the nastiest of 10 letter words in my book) has decided they don't want to pay for the contracts they have with SAM's company anymore. They want to take the jobs from the guys who actually know what they are doing and give them to low-paying government flunkies instead. So they are eliminating hundreds of jobs. I'm sure they will count the jobs they give to their government guys as "new" jobs that "they" have created, and never mind the guys they just put out of work.

(As an aside, did you SEE the story on the news about how the Government (recovery.gov) HAS FLAT OUT LIED about how many "jobs" have been created (a little bit of an "accounting error" my ass) and that their numbers are off base by THOUSANDS but they are NOT GOING TO FIX IT!!?? What a crock of reindeer dung!!!)

So anyway, SAM's been dealing with a lot of crap over the past couple weeks. His shop is undergoing pretty big changes, not the least of which his job is being eliminated.
Yep. So, he's either going to take a demotion, including a big pay cut (thanks so much Mr. Obama), and then demote his guys on down the line, or have to take a job elsewhere in the company, which will still be a demotion and pay cut, most likely.
Merry Christmas, eh?

But I am thankful that he still has a job. For now. Who knows what will happen once the Government really sinks it's teeth into companies like this. You need to start paying attention to what's going on around this place...they are not only messing with things like health care and education, giving away money and houses (yes, they are!) to illegal aliens, screwing the American-born-job-holding-tax-paying citizens right and left, taking money out of our pockets to give to the uneducated (often by choice), drug-using, welfare abusing, lazy layabouts, but they are also making this country one very unsafe place to be by messing with our military and our contractors like SAM's company, who do stuff you can't and don't want to know about, to keep us all safe in our beds at night. It makes me shudder. And maybe throw up a little. (Although I'll admit that could be my cold...)

So we're feeling a little overwhelmed here.

But -
-we have tried to put things into perspective. At least SAM has a great education and would be able to find another job somewhere, if all else hit the fan. And we have played the "what if" game and done that "what's the worst thing that could possibly happen and what would we do" thing...and figured that we would be able to survive it regardless. So it's ok, I guess. I still don't understand how we, as a country, got to this place, that thousands of people are losing their jobs right and left and the economy is going into the toilet and still so many people are wearing their blinders and ignoring the real problem: Our government sucks. I don't care what party you think is to blame, or what party you back, or what you are "for" or "against". We are in some real trouble here, folks, and it's only going to get worse.
Wake up! Before it's too late. We as a people, need to figure out some way to get back on track. If anyone has a great idea, especially a feasible one, I'm all for hearing it.

In the meantime, hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. I hope you and yours are happy and well. Thanks for letting me rant. And if you've read this far, I promise I will be funnier, nicer, and/or more artsy tomorrow.
Really! :)


  1. The "What if" game is being played by a lot of people, including myself.

    I think that the train will derail before it is ever put back on track. I think that we are in for some terrible times! :(

  2. Go read this: http://shortwizard.blogspot.com/2009/11/how-to-fix-economic-crisis.html and you can see my very bitter comments, too. I'm thinking maybe moving to Scotland would be okay.

  3. First of all...don't get me started on Obama. Second, I hope you're both feeling much better by now.
    Third.....I hate what Otin has to say. Make him shut up. I can't stand thinking about things getting worse. Ugh.....

  4. I'm sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well. Everyone I know is freaking sick here. LOL. So I feel your pain. I hate being sick. Ug. Feel better if you're not already.

  5. I have read your above three times on three different days and am still ill at ease for you both. But, I know that with you both teamed up on this threat it is not going to impact as much as one's mind paints possibilities. We can all pray for strength to face whatever unfolds. We love you, see?

  6. Wow. . . a lot said here. . . . and validated. . .


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