Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What's with...

...people thinking they are invincible and invisible when they are surrounded by a few thin sheets of metal, four rubber tires and some glass? I have seen idiots people in these:

and these:

going 80 mph and whizzing in and out of traffic like they think they are actually in one of these:

Seriously. What's with that? You may be the world's best driver, no tickets, no accidents, no rock chips in that windshield of yours, but what about the guy next to you? All it takes is one stupid move on the part of you or any one of the other morons people on the road with you and
BAM! there's one of these:

Wake up and smell the espresso people! You are making my commute in the morning a life threatening event on a daily basis. My thought process when I see one of you jerks is something like this:
"You dumb ass!
What the hell are you
What the...???

I hope you don't kill some innocent person when you wreck that shiny new car of yours.

that wrong of me?

I don't know. Having survived a horrific 6 car pile up a few years back (the driver who caused it all was driving a borrowed car with no license, next to no insurance, and was high as a frickin' kite. She sent 3 people [including me] to the hospital; I lost my job, my car, my boyfriend [well, okay, that was a blessing!] and my apartment. Oh yah, and she had her 2-year old son in the car, no seat belt...) I have no sympathy for idiot, moron drivers.
Sue me.

I saw some guy a couple days ago, texting while he was driving, coffee in one hand (that does take talent, I'll admit) with a laptop on his lap!!!

What's with that?!?

And on top of that -
What's with drivers who think they are invisible, even though they are surrounded by...wait for it!... windows!?

I'm sure I have done my share of car stereo karaoke. I mean, I used to be in a band for pete's sake, and my practice time was little and far between so I made the most of it. However - I hardly threw my head around like I was auditioning for American Idiot Idol. I have seen people (usually girls) gyrating behind the wheel like their life depends on it. Like all they need is a stripper pole and they would be on the way to winning some loser talent show! Really? Your playlist is that good?
Huh. Well, okay.
But how about this?


Today I was on the way home from work and got stopped by a red light. I glanced in my rear view mirror and saw some loser behind the wheel of his red POS truck, "digging for gold". In China. With a backhoe.

Okay, not really - there was no backhoe involved.

But he was up to his second knuckle, I kid you not. And before I really had processed what was going on and could look away, he glanced at what he pulled out of there and then...and then...he ATE IT!

What's with that???? You are stopped at a traffic light! Surrounded by windows! In plain view of everyone else at the light, looking out their windows!


Of course, he really was not an attractive guy to begin with. His truck was a piece of crap. He looked like he cut his own hair. There is no doubt in my mind he does not have a girlfriend.

Man, I need to learn to text while I'm driving. Then I would have better things to do than look out my windows.


  1. When I used to work in Jersey and sit in morning traffic, people would bring newspapers and books to read in traffic. The one that I hate is when someone is driving and has a map sprawled out on their dashboard.

  2. OMG, are you sure you didn't steal this rant from my b1tchin' blog? I couldn't have said this any better!

  3. No joke! Everyone calls me the safety police. I will not let anyone driving with me talk or text or do ANYTHING but drive. I drive like everyone around me is going to screw up. I was an EMT in L.A. for a while. I've actually gone SEARCHING for missing body parts to bring back to the copse or victim. When you see that stuff, when you see a mom show up at a scene knowing that her son is somewhere in the ruble, you take driving VERY seriously.

  4. I saw a dude shaving! Not with an electric razor, which would have been bad enough, but with a standard razor!! It's just a matter of time... Natural Selection and be a real BI***!!

    Thanks for listing my Blog!!! You rock!


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