Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Award and a contest!

If you have not checked out Shirley at Shirley's Illustrations, go do it now! She is a fabulous artist and her little critters never fail to make me smile.

Shirley has graciously given me an award! I say "gracious" with a laugh, because it's the "Bald Faced Liar Creative Writer" award! Ha!

As most blog awards go, I am supposed to:

1) Thank the person who nominated you (Thanks Shirley!) and link to their blog. (check)
2) Copy the logo and place it on your blog.(check)
3) Tell 6 outrageous lies and at least one outrageous truth about yourself. (check, see below)
4) Nominate seven other "creative writers" and post links to their blogs. (check, ditto)
5) Leave comments for them to let them know you nominated them! (on my way!)

So I'm going to nominate the following:
Michel at Facts Are Strictly Optional
Otin at Wizard of Otin
Spuds at Carrying a Cat by the Tail
The Pseudonymous High School Teacher
"Middle-aged Woman" at Unmitigated and the Zombie News Network
Captain Dumbass at Us and Them (and the Zombie News Network again!)
and I'm gonna cheat by adding "anyone else who wants to play"!
(Disclaimer: If you really don't want to do this, that's fine, too. I know people are busy. But you all are some of my favorite liars storytellers, so I just thought I'd pass on the love!)

Alright. Now for a rousing game of "Truth? or Lie?"

Which of the following are actual true facts about me? Hint: there are three. And the contest part? The first person who responds with all three correct actual true facts about me wins a print of any one of my drawings (from this blog, Etsy or Zazzle) that they want! Yea! (Family doesn't count!)

Here goes!
1:  I once won a backstage pass to an Oingo Boingo concert and had my picture taken with Danny Elfman.
2:  I got to be part of a crowd scene at the Rocking Horse Bar in Spokane during the filming of "Vision  Quest".  Madonna sang "Crazy For You".
3:  I lived in Frankfurt, Germany for two years, by myself, and worked at a Burger King.
4:  I had to be air-lifted off a mountain after a skiing accident that broke both my ankles.
5:  I am a direct descendant of Erik the Red.
6:  I once got arrested for public intoxication outside of a Journey concert.
7:  I'm a speed reader. I once read War and Peace in 20 minutes.
8:  I'm color blind.
9:  I'm a "night owl", get bad sunburns when I'm exposed to too much sun and am severely allergic to garlic. I think this means I'm half vampire.

I am going to be out of town for a few days, but will be checking in...so I will post the answers once someone guesses the correct ones, or on Sunday if no one has by then.  At that point, whoever was closest, wins.

How's that sound?


  1. HA! Oh boy, oh boy, this is fun. I say #1, #2, and #9 are the truths. I am sure I'm not even close, but those are my guesses! : ) Thanks for being a good sport and passing on the fun! I will tell my truth later this week. Always fun to stop by and how awesome that you turned this into a great opportunity to win your print! : ) Awesome, Tera! (and thank you for the kind words..you are so nice!)

  2. One of those answers might be right. (or am I lying?!)
    Thanks for playing :)

  3. Hi Tera, and congratulations! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a kind comment.
    Since I've just found you I'll have to go way out on a limb to guess your truths - I say #s 1, 8 & 9 are true.
    Your blog looks lovely - off to check out more.

  4. I am going to say that the vision quest one is true. Thank you for the award. It has been so long since I have done one.

  5. I say # 2, 5 & 9...

    And thank-you for the award.

  6. Not a clue. But congratulations on the award. They're such fun.

  7. Nope nope nope! Well...one might be right...

  8. Wow, I mean...I'm honored...I didn't really have anything prepared....

    Uh-hem.... I'd like to thank the academy (Who the hell is that anyway??) and all the little people I stepped on and/or threw under the bus to get where I am today.

    In hindsight, I probably should have been nicer.

    My guess is #s 1, 2, and 6 - I have long suspected you of being a felon. PROVE ME WRONG.

    PS what kind of cash prizes comes with this award?? Is it taxable? Did you tell the man I was getting it?? Or this is all hush hush??

  9. Tera, an award? I'm so moved, I'm so touched, I'm so DARING you to get Captain Dumbass to participate. Last time I tagged him, I had to write the damn thing myself! I plan to wear my new baseball tee with the zombie and ninja design with pride...I know the artist after all!

  10. Tera, I want to hire you to do a picture of me for my blog - similar to what you did for Otin's. I think I have your contact information in my Outlook. If not, let me how we can do it (Paypal maybe).


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