Sunday, April 4, 2010

End of "Tera's Truths" Contest

Okay, so the votes are in, so to speak. And no one got all 3 of the "truths".
Three people got one right each. And since no one got all three, and I said the first person to get all 3 would win, I'm going to call it good with the first person who played that got 1 right.
That would be...Shirley! Who's idea it was to do this silly thing in the first I guess that's kind of fitting.  (Shirley, email me!)

So what are the answers? They are as follows.

1:  I once won a backstage pass to an Oingo Boingo concert and had my picture taken with Danny Elfman.
     FALSE!  I just wish it were true. Secret Agent Man is a huge Oingo Boingo fan and I guess   
     it's rubbed off.

2:  I got to be part of a crowd scene at the Rocking Horse Bar in Spokane during the filming of "Vision  Quest".  Madonna sang "Crazy For You".
     FALSE!  However, two of my roommates at the time did drive over an hour to Spokane and 
     then waited in line for 4 hours to try to get in before deciding to just go shopping instead!

3:  I lived in Frankfurt, Germany for two years, by myself, and worked at a Burger King.
     TRUE! I got married way too young to a military guy, moved to Germany with him, 
     promptly separated and then was stuck there until my parents decided to send me $ to 
     get home.

4:  I had to be air-lifted off a mountain after a skiing accident that broke both my ankles.
     FALSE! It sort-of-kind-of-almost-but-not-quite happened to my brother though.

5:  I am a direct descendant of Erik the Red.
     False! As far as I know, being adopted and all. But my dad used to tell me I was. (Way to go 
     dad! Made me feel all important and stuff!)

6:  I once got arrested for public intoxication outside of a Journey concert.
     TRUE!  Well, I got a ticket. (Same diff in this state.)  There was a whole group of us, 
    and several of the group were drinking, I was not (that's my story and I'm sticking to  
    it!), but we all got tickets. And had to go to court. And my car broke down on the way 
     there (no, it's true!) so they issued a warrant for me but since I was on my way out of 
     country (see #3) they said the heck with it and threw it out. 
      (There Michel, feel better now!?)

7:  I'm a speed reader. I once read War and Peace in 20 minutes.
     FALSE! It's actually a Woody Allen quote.

8:  I'm color blind.
     FALSE! But it would make drawing interesting wouldn't it?!

9:  I'm a "night owl", get bad sunburns when I'm exposed to too much sun and am severely allergic to garlic. I think this means I'm half vampire.
     TRUE!  Bwah ha ha ha ha! No seriously!  Bwah ha ha... oh drat. Still true, though. 


  1. YYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! I'm so excited. It's my frst ever win! And how awesome to win from you- thank you so much Tera! here is my email ( and I'll let you know which print I would love. Thank you SO much...haaaa haaa all of those lies and I'm glad I got at least one right! Thank you, Tera!!

  2. So you could still be a descendant of Eric the Red's.

  3. Congratulations, Shirley. And Tera, I really enjoyed reading those!

  4. Hahahaha, I LOVED this! You are a good tale-spinner, Tera. But we all knew that. Congrats, Shirley. Woohooo!


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