Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's 11 PM - do you know where your blog is?

It's 11pm on Tuesday and, after feeling dopey all day, I'm now suddenly wide awake. So I'm trying to catch up on my blogging, reading and commenting. I apologize to all those who usually see me around the inner webs, but it's been a long, weird week.

First off, I had a test and presentation at work a week ago. A what? At 911? Yah, well I signed up, along with several co-workers, for a series of leadership classes. We have attended a class once a month since last September. I thought it would be a nice break once a month from answering phones and talking to crazy, pissed off people. Which it was.
The classes were taught by De Hicks, who has done other team building type classes for us over the last few years. Don't let the suit fool you, he is also this guy, and he is wicked hilarious and the classes are always fun. Except...

Except we were told at the last official class that we were going to have a test and a presentation at the final meeting.

I hate "presentations". You would think that someone who was in choir and drama classes in school, did musical theater in Germany, was in a Celtic band that played all over town, and is a blogger all over the internet would not be shy in front of people she has worked with for over 10 years...
but you would be wrong! I can pretend to be someone else and and spout 3 pages of monologue, sing, dance and whatever, but for some reason standing up and talking in front of a group makes me so nervous I almost stop breathing.

So I went with the familiar and did a presentation on why Dorothy Gale was a "leader". I used my artwork for props. (Remember these gals?)

Nervous or not, I guess it was okay. I stuttered my way through it and only lost my place, oh, a half-dozen times. I even made a pair of ruby slippers, although I bought the shoes at a local thrift store and didn't try them on first (hello, I don't keep a can of Lysol in my purse) and they are wa-a-ay too big (Hey, Value Village: FYI - a UK7 is not the same as a US7..!) I can't actually wear them, so I am bummed. I may have to make another pair....

Anyway, ruby slippers or not, I was so nervous the night before, I made a joke about trying to figure out some way to "hurt" myself so I had an excuse not to go to work.
(FYI: Tempting Fate? Not. A. Good. Idea.)
Two hours later I tripped going down the basement stairs. I managed not to do a face plant on the basement floor, but instead caught myself on the banister. (Ta da!)
Of course, I caught myself with my right hand. Which is my writing hand. Which means it is my drawing hand. Which means I did not break anything, but I did manage to do some damage to the tendons in my wrist. Which means I have not been writing or drawing or typing (much). I went to work and it was ok for a couple days; then it wasn't. I have been in a brace since Friday and tomorrow I actually have to go in for physical therapy. But like I always say, a day of painful physical therapy is better than a good day at work! (No, seriously, I say that all the time. Just ask Secret Agent Man!) And it also means, that although I type something like 82 words a minute, it has taken me almost two hours to type all this out.

Drawing is also slow, but I am working a little at a time. Hopefully I will have something new to post soon.
And Thursday I will be picking a winner for my contest. If you haven't entered yet, and would like to, you still have time to leave a comment on my Moo post! See ya Thursday!


Update: Three weeks of brace and physical therapy! (At least.) Ugh.


  1. Remember: Blogging without obligation. It's YOUR blog. No pressure. ;-)

  2. Well, I absolutely love the ruby red shoes. Very pretty.

    And more of what Leslie said. I love that blogging is without obligation

  3. Oh no! Eeeek poor you! I hope it's not too bad now :-/ you make me laugh, but I agree that a day of painful physical exercise would be better than a day at work (!!!!) For me anyhow! Well done for the presentation! I too hate them, ick...One of my past jobs was a university union president and I had to do 6 speeches all in one day during the health faculty fresher induction. I felt so sick with nerves,horrible!
    Hope you feel better soon, oh and your give away is in the post!! :-)

  4. ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!! OMG, Tera! Your poor wrist! I'm sure, this being your right hand, it impairs your ability to answer phones and talk as well, right? RIGHT? Yes, I thought so.

    On the other hand -- hehehe -- those shoes absolutely ROCK! Darn shame they are too big. You could probably turn around and resell it for a profit, though.

    Feel better soon!


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