Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Somewhere That's Green pt 2

Little Shop of Horrors

A while back, Secret Agent Man and I were having a discussion about how we'd like to win a huge ginormous lottery so we could build our own little town and set it up by our rules. Limited number of homes, small town feeling. I want a town square where there's a bandstand and people feel safe walking to and from stores. Where there's no graffiti, no trash in the streets, no boarded up buildings. A drive-in movie theater. A soda shop.
Like Back to the Future or Ghost Whisper:

I find that I am somewhat obsessed with an idealized 50's aesthetic. Not the "Mad Men" kind of thing you see on TV, but a happier version of that time.

When cars were cool:

And concept cars were even cooler:

Jazz was hot:

Men were manlier:

Women were woman-lier:

I love the 50's modern house:

I love the idea of being a stay at home mom that has a martini waiting for dad when he gets home, and dad mowing the lawn with said martini in hand. TV dinners. Dinner parties.

Fashions were lovely:

And everyone seemed so happy with simple things:

Okay, I did say this was an idealized vision, didn't I? I may have trouble with trading my laptop for the 50's home computer:

Flying was still fun:

Sci Fi was awesome:

And even the naughty bits seem sweet today:

And most important, we knew who we were: Americans, families, striving for a better tomorrow.
We knew who our enemies were:

And it wasn't us:

That's the life I want.

Anyone want to join me? I'm having a party in the fallout shelter promptly at five. Bring some martini olives and you're in!


  1. Not going to lie, I totally LOVE the 50s. But without the racism and the oppression of women.

    I want me a picket fence SO BAD.

  2. I totally agree - NO racism, NO oppression. Not in my town, anyway! :)

  3. So, you want to live in Pleasantville? Love all that retro stuff. That look is totally my era, too. And for music, we can listen to Donald Fagen's Nightfly.

  4. there was quite a bit o 'cool' stuff...and people dreamed of a i wonder how mnay see past tomorrow...

  5. I love how men dressed back then and how everything was designed. It was sexy.

  6. I'm with you--oh, to go back in time when things were a little more simple. The fashions now-a-days doesn't do a woman justice, that is for sure--ah, to go back in time.

    I would miss my laptop Joanne, however. lol


  7. Tera, I loved this post and the pictures. Life was simpler then. I sometimes wonder if I would have liked it better that way.

  8. But why do I get the impression that so much of it was fake?

    I wouldn't know myself, but I've gotten that feeling.


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