Saturday, July 31, 2010

Seeing Things

Okay. Because everybody has been asking...
Wait, what? What do you mean only one person asked? I'll have you know that Unmitigated qualifies as "everybody", as far as I'm concerned.

A-a-a n y w a y... since someone asked, here's my process on the tile picture.

Colors are not great because I had to take pictures with my cell phone (as if it wasn't odd enough to take my phone into the bathroom, it would have been really weird if they had seen me take a camera in there!)
(Of course, they all think I'm weird, anyway, so...)

So - I saw this tile and my crazy artist's brain interpreted the random pattern as a figure.

I know, you're sitting there looking at the tile, going "Wha...?"

So here's another picture:

See him?
Okay, how 'bout now?

So I did a loose sketch and then away I went:


  1. ...very, very, cool! I think that our brains are programmed to seek patterns, in order to function in the seeming randomness that surrounds us.

  2. Love it!

    *Off to stare at bathroom tile*

  3. I do that all the time...not the taking the camera into the bathroom part, the seeing pictures in random designs part! I had to get rid of a shower curtain because it had evil monkeys in it.

  4. I wish I could draw. I see faces and figures in tiles and rocks and tree trunks....lots of places actually. Oh yeah. And clouds.

  5. It is wonderful creation.

    The human being can enjoy it...

    From the Far East.

  6. That is very, very creative. I would never in a million years think of this idea!


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