Friday, July 9, 2010

Speaking of...

Fort Clatsop Lewis and Clark landing
Long time no see (write, post, whatever). I can't believe it's July already!
And speaking of July, I hope you all had a happy 4th! I hope you had a nice break and got to enjoy some down time, or rousing fun, whichever you prefer!

Speaking of down time, last week we went to visit my folks. Had coffee, went to Fort Clatsop, had some nice dinners, just relaxed and hung out.
It was nice not having to field a bazillion 911 calls about fireworks. They are illegal here (for about 18 years now), except in a couple incorporated areas in the county and the Indian reservations. But people light them off anyway, and all their neighbors seem to have to call them in. [Personally, unless someone has caught something on fire or blown off an appendage, leave 'em alone! It's the 4th for goodness sake!] So it was nice not having to take the calls. I guess a plane landed on the freeway near here, though, so that was probably exciting, but I just really needed a break. And a nice long drive has always been a good break for me!

Speaking of nice drives, on the way there we drove over White Pass, which is always lovely. Plus it takes us by the best burger joint ever: Mrs. Beasley's. It's in Toledo and I think it was put up in the 50's. It's been added on to and remodeled a couple times, but it's still just a little funky diner with awesome burgers and handmade fresh fruit milkshakes. We had such a good burger, we even drove back by on the way home and had another!

Speaking of on the way home - we decided to take Chinook pass instead, which apparently I have been over but not since I was a kid. It was lovely. Secret Agent Man was literally giggling about there being so much snow. (We have previously established that he is certifiable when it comes to snow!) SAM took a couple neat pictures:

Once we got home we just relaxed for a day before going back to yuk.
I mean, work.
We ordered pizza. Had a beer. Took the kitties outside for a bit.
Speaking of kitties, they like the new garden. Buster thinks he's a tiger in the jungle or something.

Missy likes it, too. Although, to be more accurate, I think Missy just likes to eat the new garden. She likes the tall grass we planted. We still have some work to do, but my wrist is still bunged up so it's on hold for a bit. I'm sure it will get better just in time for the 100 degree weather we get in summer!

Speaking of my stupid wrist (sprain and torn ligaments) it's has hampered my drawing a lot. (I knew I should have learned to draw left-handed!) But I have been slowly working on some new stuff. I am working on the new logo/business card project for Crooked Stamper. Here's a sneak peak:

And I have some new little guys I'm slowly working on as well, based on various "fears". My intention is to have a series of them and then hopefully make some little stuffed versions to go along with them. We'll ambitions usually outweigh my realities! But here's a couple of them:

fear of spiders

fear of broken hearts

Now that I'm back in the groove, I will be making the rounds again to visit you all in Blogland. Hope this find you well and that you are enjoying your summer!


  1. We have people who are continuing to shoot fireworks! It is illegal here too, but that doesn't stop them. The photos are great! The kitties are so cute!

  2. I love a good road trip, and yours looks beautiful!

    And I LOVE how the logo is coming along! :)

    We have fireworks going off in our neighborhood every 4th of July, too. I wouldn't mind it, but after 11 pm it's doubly illegal - noise ordinance. Grrrr. Some of us SLEEP at night.

  3. PS: Thanks for featuring my card in your Favorite Etsy Stuff! How did you get that plug-in?!

  4. Ack! I LOVE your little phobia dudes! Poor little guy with the broken heart. And the Crooked Stamper piece is superduper! What a great little kittie! Very cool tree, as well.

    Tera, I hope your wrist is feeling better now. Yowza, that sounded painful. Thanks for your lovely comment. I hope you and Secret Agent Man find time to relax in some nice A/C this summer. Enjoy your garden and your wee jungle tigers. Geez, I have a huge craving for burgers now.


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