Wednesday, October 27, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different

Well, okay, not "completely"'s still art stuff.

I thought I'd share a little project I did for the lovely lady blogger over at Under the Roof of a Great House.
She wanted a portrait for her younger daughter's birthday, so working from a photo she sent me:

It was fun and challenging all at the same time (getting faces to actually look like a "real" somebody is hard!), but she had great input and eventually we got to this:

I hope she likes it, and that she had a really happy birthday!


  1. that's really nice and I love the way you did the hair.

  2. She loves it! She keeps asking when I'm getting it framed.

  3. Very nice, that's such a tricky pose to get right too, you did well! Also I really like the background and the dark edges, a new venture perhaps? Custom portraiture? Why not!? :-)

  4. THAT is fantastic! What a wonderful present! You did an amazing job. I'll keep this in mind!

  5. As usual.......AMAZING!!

  6. Wow, primo job! You captured her spot on. And excellent hands. That is a very difficult angle, but you nailed it!


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