Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wind Dancers

The first from the "Dirigible" part of the Sketchbook.


  1. I do love the dancers. I wish there were a leeetle more contrast between sky and dirigible. They need to pop a little more, ya know? Can you make a kind of glow behind the dirigibles and a little darker sky?

    Just your professional art critic here, ma'am. Feel free to dope-smack me!

  2. Love it! (My sketchbook is still empty. ;(

  3. Super cool! Can I post what you made for me and link you?

  4. Oooh, takes some major cojones to be a wind dancer! That is a show I'd love to see. Super cool!

  5. Holy smokes. I wonder if they have a safety net below!


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