Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas to me

So now that most of the chaos has died down (don't tell me you had a quiet Christmas. No one has a quiet Christmas. Seriously.) how was your Christmas? Ours was great, with both my family and Secret Agent Man's family here (no, they're not spies, either). It was only partly hectic. Mostly it was fun.
I tried my hand at a prime rib for the first time ever. For 12 people! I forgot to take pictures, or I'd show you.
Oh, wait! I did take one before it was cooked:

I'm pretty sure it looked like this afterward:

No, really, just like that. Ok, it was close. Maybe better. Mostly it was yummy. And a good time was had by all.

Anyway, it was a very nice week.

But the real reason I'm blogging today is because I promised my new friend at MoseyDog on Etsy that I would blog about her lovely, lovely jewelry.

I have purchased a bazillion many rings from her over the past month. Her jewelry mostly consists of her hand-painted baubles that she then makes into rings, necklaces and earrings. She has a few other things here and there, and also soem really cute prints.

The best thing about her stuff is it's really frickin' cheap very affordable.

Here's a selection of what I've received:

The middle one was a custom one she made for me. Gorg-eous pink to peach!
I'm sure she now thinks I'm stalking her. But I just can't help myself. In fact, I'm going to have to buy another one to replace the one I gave away to my brother's girlfriend after she kept asking me about it.

The best Christmas present I got, though, is from you all. Yes, you all. Sometime over the past couple weeks I got about 20 new followers, and it has bumped me right up over 100! Yea!
So, to celebrate - I'm having a giveaway.

Here's the deal:
Everyone who leaves a comment on this post will be assigned a number (in the order you comment) and next Tuesday, that would be January 4th, 2011 (you believe that?) 'cause it's my day off, I will pick a winner via Said winner will receive one of MoseyDog's lovely pieces of jewelry! Because I love you.
So take a look at her stuff and tell me what you want in the comment section of this post.

You can blog about it, tweet it, Facebook it, whatever, but I don't really care, so there's no extra entries for that.
I know, I'm evil that way.

So have fun looking.
More art to follow in a day or two.
When I'm done shopping...


  1. nice...very cool jewelry and glad you had a good rib...mmmm..

  2. Yes those rings look fab, will have to check out her shop, glad you had a happy christmas! Well done on the cooking! and congrats on the 100 followers ....yehhaaa!

  3. Very nice! My mouth was watering thinking about Prime Rib with shredded horse radish. Now that will make your tongue slap your brain!

  4. Three Cherries Necklace....lovely prime ribs dish....Best wishes for 2011!

  5. Très jolies bagues qu'un prince charmant devrait nous offrir... Joyeuse fin d'année à vous

  6. Cooking prime rib for twelve, very brave. I have yet to attempt it.

    Lovely rings, might need one for every finger.

    Congrat on being followed by a hundred. Scary.

  7. All are lovely jewelery indeed!
    I can't wear heavy earrings, and rings will have size problem... so love the neck pieces.

    Specially the blue & violet shades - Steampunk Necklace- Rainbow Mirage in Copper.

  8. Great things - thanks for the tip. Hope you will have a great new year

  9. Thanks for the intro to a wonderful artist!

    And thanks a lot for making my taste buds wake up and shout "food!" :=}

    I'm off to explore a certain Etsy shop ... after lunch, that is!

  10. Merry belated Christmas! I, too, cooked my first prime rib this year. It was also very yummy. I think eating it hot and juicy makes it better than one on the end of a buffet line, yes?

    I'll pop on over and check your friend out.

  11. Oh darling, I am thrilled by the amythist colored ring. But, reminding me of that wonderful prime rib that you did makes the rings dim. What can this mean?? Is it a revelation of my values perhaps?

  12. AAAH pick me please!! Those rings are absolutely stunning. Fingers crossed!

    love Rio

  13. GAH! I missed it. Sob. Well, I will have to visit her anyway. Those are gorgeous!

    Wow, that is one beautiful prime rib. For TWELVE! I bet it was goo-ooo-oooooood

    Happy happy new year!


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