Monday, December 6, 2010

A Pirate Dreams of Flying

For the Sketchbook Project.


  1. I want to make a joke about the poop deck but I can't think of anything.

  2. Now that deary. . . is very creative!

  3. conceptually this is really interesting...the title is perfect as well...very nice...

  4. What a cool idea! Wind power, arrrrrrrrrgh. Would that be parrots in there?

  5. jumped over from brian to have a look at your amazing sketches - they are beautiful - esp. like this one - this speaks volumes without words...

  6. Visiting from Brian Miller. Great collaboration. Your piece has so many stories to tell. Just amazing! I LOVE your stuff. I've been poking around enjoying your work. This is my favorite of what I've seen so far - gotta come back for more! I'm your new follower!
    Tina from Life is Good


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