Tuesday, May 3, 2011

fill me with stories

Those of you that have been following me around the interwebs for a while know that I participated in the 2011 Sketchbook Project. I am, once again, going to participate, which will be better this time around because I have almost a whole year instead of just a few months! (Little late to the game, last time!)

Last year's book included these images, along with others, under the theme "Submersibles & Dirigibles" 

This year my theme is "Fill me with Stories".
Brian Miller, from Waystation One, who did the previously posted poem here, wrote a poem for me last year also:

and has graciously agreed to write me another poem for this year's Sketchbook!
His work is amazing. If you haven't been by Waystation One yet, go there and check out some of his fab writings!

fill me with stories:


  1. Last year's images are wonderful. What a terrific collection and theme. I think that getting ready for the next one and giving yourself more time a good plan. I look forward to the next batch I follow. I have not been around much even though I have been drawing. I hope you have been well. One of these days, I will catch up with all the blogs. Take care dear Tera!

  2. i humbly bow...to be along side your art is quite the honor...smiles. love the ones from last year...i must have missed a couple of these the first time around...cant wait to see what you got this year...

  3. Your talent takes my breath away and the combination of your sketches and Brian's poems is a celebration of artistic greatness.

  4. Good golly, woman. If that's what you can create with just a few months lead time, I quiver with excitement at the prospect of what you can create in a year! That poem is BEAUTIFUL beginning! Swoon worthy!

  5. Whoa! I have been missing you. Where am I to allow such. This is good review. Of you. And,seeing me missing. Been catching up going in reverse starting with the Carrion. All are tasty.

  6. i signed up this year too! Can't wait. my theme is Stitches & Folds. :)


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