Monday, August 8, 2011

The new shirts are here! The new shirts are here!

That's right, the Keep Calm and Carrion shirts are up and live in my Etsy shop!
I'll be listing a couple each day to keep the listing fresh, but right now there is one of each size listed. If I get enough interest in a women's style, I'll get some of those, too.
So go there!
Buy something!
Yes, you!


  1. Like the new view on the saying...nice graphic!

  2. nice...popping over to check them out...

  3. Et surtout très bien porté!...
    Gros bisous

  4. I would buy one in a women's style....just sayin'.

  5. Just purchased one. Happy to support!

    And for all you friends/fans/supporters of Tera, I'm happy to give her a shameless plug. She designed my new blog banner and I love it. She's the best! Now go hire her!

  6. The designs are really nice I like it and must this is a must add on in teens collection.

  7. The designs are actually very nice and I extremely like it. I think it should be added in teens collection.


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