Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chicken Nugget Lemon Tooty pt 2 and 3

*** Go check out Chicken Nugget Lemon Tooty. Yes, right now! All the "fan art" has been posted and it's wicked cool! There are so many talented people who responded to the call for art. What a fun, fun thing! ***

My second selection for the CNLT project was Gracie's spy girl. Again - right up my alley, no? Her dad called it "Saving the World and Looking Snazzy". Love it!

Here's Gracie's. I love that her hair is blowing in the wind and that even her gun is color coordinated!
And here's my version:
I was going to call it a day after finishing up the spy girl, but then I remembered that the deadline was today!! So I stayed up late and started/finished Isaac's monster under the bed called "Wide Awake". Finally got it done around 1 am.

I love the look on the monster's face, like "Wait a minute! I know that bed was here a minute ago!"


  1. I should send you a picture of me and let you draw me for my sidebar!

  2. Thanks Tera! The kids loved them all! You do great work. I especially got a kick our of the spy girl transformation.
    All our best!
    - AZ

  3. What a darling girl you are! Thank you for the beautiful award--wow! Coming from such an amazing artist as you, I'm TOTALLY honored. ((hugs)) Have a perfectly marvelous day, my sweet and talented friend!


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