Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fairies and fires and callers, oh my!

I had a sale! Yea!

This was for one of my favorite little fairies. I did this one completely in Corel Painter, and it's a really fun art program because you can totally make stuff look like it's hand painted. (Ok, what the hell is it with me and the word "totally"?! I totally use it way too much!) I need to play around in it some more, and probably get the newer version, because my computer doesn't like the old one very well (I think it's 3 years old now).
I also have a good start on my jewelry. It's been fun making stuff again. Hopefully I will have some pictures to post on Monday. Maybe tomorrow if I really get my butt in gear.

I am kind of frustrated I haven't posted for a while. Been working a lot. We've had some mandatory overtime because a lot of people have been sick, some on vacation and one of our gals fell off a ladder and fractured her spine. (ouch!) And then Thursday we had a HUGE storm here. Lots of thunder and lightening and grass fires. That's always fun in a 911 center. (Not!) Then right in the middle of everything we (or the ground right next to the building) got hit by lightening! Everybody yelped and jumped in their seats. Luckily our computers are well protected, but sheriff's radio lost all theirs for a bit. It was pretty nuts for a while. Thank goodness it started to rain right after so hopefully that put out all the grass fires that got started.

Ah, summer!

It's been what we call "stupid busy" around here. Domestic violence calls have doubled:

Assaults have doubled (The new thing here seems to be stabbings. Good grief!):

Our "special" callers are calling 20 times a day, some of them (seriously), and they all seem to be coming out of the woodwork:

The heat, and now the full moon, are making people ca-ray-zee! We have discussed plans to get a crop duster to spread Prozac around town. If anyone can help with that I'd appreciate a call!

Have a great weekend!


  1. awesome fairy...I love her too. Great kitty pictures too :-)

  2. You do some really great art work! Isn't it sad that we cannot make a living doing what we love to do? :(

  3. Congrats on your sale! Yay! It always makes my day when someone buys one of my custom cards or postage on Zazzle. I don't make a ton of $, but it's fun nonetheless.

    Funny how our jobs show us how the "other side" lives. I've only been working in the Rehab dept of a local community hospital for 4 weeks now, and I woke up the other night with a very awful feeling that I could not describe. I know I was worried about not having a Living Will, and if something happened to me, I would want my son and hubby to know how NOT to keep me alive. I would hate to be imprisoned in my own body and not able to communicate with the outside world. I guess seeing all these Medicare patients (translation = old people) has made me realize how I do not want to live my life as I get older. Hence another reason for resurrecting my "eat right" plan and my workout regimen!

  4. I love the fairy. Congrats on your sale.
    It's "stupid busy" here too and we don't even take 911 calls. In fact our message directs them to hang up and dial 911 if a true emergency. LOL Nevertheless the crazy calls come. *sigh*

  5. Very difficult to take seriously anyone who calls every day and 20 times a day!!! Just nuts. I can see how 911 call centers get in trouble for not responding/taking seriously some calls.

  6. Love the bottom laughing kitty pic .. I actually have the same pic in one of my older posts =)


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