Thursday, July 30, 2009

One of Those Days

So today I took off from work to make jewelry. Lots and lots of jewelry.

At least that was the plan.

Instead, when I got up, I didn't feel so great so I laid around and played on the computer for a while. I am currently obsessed with this game. It's a great time waster. Too much so, most of the time... (shh, don't tell)

I finally got up off my fat lazy ass duff and got ready to go downstairs to my studio but then I remembered I needed to take out the garbage. So I did. Then I took care of the cats. Then I had a little lunch. Then I remembered I needed to print out the pirate picture of Zeke because they are all coming over tomorrow and I needed to get the pictures framed.

For some stupid reason I must have had my head up my ass the printer seemed to be having technical difficulties. Everything printed out pink. After some trial and error I got that fixed. Then I couldn't get it to re-size. Got it to re-size but then I couldn't get it to print at all. Then I got an error message that I was out of gray. Out of gray? I just put gray in the damn thing 2 months ago and I've hardly printed a thing! Called Secret Agent Man to see if that seemed normal. The consensus was no. Called tech support and the lovely, polite girl there said, actually, it is normal, since I tend to print "high" quality and on matte paper. Huh. Replaced the gray.
At that point I started thinking it was too quiet in the house so I went in search of my iPod. It finally made an appearance in the bottom of my purse. (I swear that thing is like Mary Poppins' carpet bag! One of these days I'm going to get to work and find both cats in there. And the toaster.) Got music playing and then the doorbell rang.
Great. I was in sweats, had not showered yet, and had some serious bed-head going on. Answered the door anyway and...
...awwww. S.A.M. sent me flowers! "Just 'cause" flowers. (The best kind!) They are beautiful. There's just one problem...

Buster loves flowers. Really loves flowers. Especially roses. He rubs and rubs and rubs on them, eats them, smells them, rolls on them. S.A.M. has almost stopped buying flowers for me because Buster frequently and often knocks them over. The last time I got a big bunch of flowers I woke up around 2 o'clock in the morning to something. Couldn't quite figure it out...and then I heard: "drip". "Drip." "Drip."
Buster had knocked over the vase and the water was all over everywhere! And of course, he was laying on the other side of the dining room with this "How'd-that-happen-I've-been-laying-all-the-way-over-here" look on his face. Fun to clean up in the middle of the night. (Not.)

A couple months ago I had a small bouquet that my mom brought me, and put them in a pretty little vase on the dining room table. Thought they'd be fine: no roses.
After Buster almost tipped them over for the fourth time I found a large candle holder I had (like this but without the top) and the vase and the flowers fit right inside. It looked a little funny, but not bad, and Buster couldn't knock it over.
I thought maybe I could do that with the roses. But the bouquet and vase were too large and heavy. While trying to fit it, I knocked the heck out of my knuckle. Didn't pay much attention because I quickly realized they weren't going to fit and was trying to wrestle it back out of the opening. Set the vase on the table, put the candles back in the lantern and went back downstairs to mess with the printer again. Wiped my wet hand on my sweatshirt while calling S.A.M. to thank him for the flowers and then realized that my hand wasn't wet. It was gushing bleeding gushing blood. Ran upstairs and rinsed it off while trying to talk to S.A.M. on speaker.
It looked like I had tried to do a knuckle-ectomy. I must have caught it on the glass of the lantern. I actually thought I was going to need stitches! I must have sounded like it was bad because S.A.M. came home from work to help but by the time he got home I had it all bandaged and was back downstairs fighting with the printer.

I proceeded to print on the wrong side of the paper twice, scale the picture down wrong once, crop the picture too short twice and then print it right -finally- at which point I was so done for the day!

I never did get any jewelry done.
But I did give Buster his own rose. He loves his rose. He even carried it upstairs and put it on his special bag. (Oh yah, he has a jones for plastic bags, too.) Crazy cat.


  1. I think the next time you get flowers it is only fair that the cat should get a bunch too ... In a rubber vase with no water!

  2. beautiful flowers, priceless kitty :-))

  3. oh your post made me smile, and commiserate and and empathize and think how lovely to get "just cause" roses.

  4. Awww, how sweet. So sorry you day went so wonky. Hope you have a great weekend and you're feeling better.

  5. I have days like this all the time!

  6. Poor Tera, what a day. Sorry hon, but I am LMAO. Such a funny post. And that last picture of Buster on a plastic bag just absolutely cracked me up.

    I made jewelry for a few years too -- I kept my tools but sold all my freakin' supplies, books included. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Lately I've had a hankerin' to get back into it again. But it's expensive buying all those beads and such! I'm anxious to see your jewelry. :)

    A Big Mac huh? Would you believe I have never, ever in my lifetime had a Big Mac? Well, in all fairness, it's because I usually just get McD's measly lil cheeseburger. I'm cheap and I like something simple to get me by in a pinch. I think the only time I eat McD's cheeseburgers is when I'm travelling, so I can stay on the road and not waste time eating!!


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