Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Direction

Well, actually a re-visit of an old direction...

Years ago when I had nothing better to do with my downtime (read "no laptop") I was knitting a lot, but it wasn't really fulfilling the more creative desires I had. I was painting not much some, but wanted to do something else.
I have always loved jewelry. All kinds. I get the Sundance catalog, which I adore, and regularly drool over the jewelry, especially hers. I am really drawn to that gypsy-looking stuff. The one I fell in love with she no longer sells, but it had rough rubies and pearls and was layered with all kinds of trader beads and stuff, kinda like this one. I wanted it so bad, but it was really freakin' expensive a bit beyond my price range.
Then one day Secret Agent Man and I went to a local little shopping center to have lunch and walked past Wonders of the World. The sell beads, lot and lots and lots (you get the idea) of beads. (Anyone know the HTML to use to cue up an angel choir here? Anyone?)
Changed my life.
Sort of.
Anyhow, it did become my new obsession of the week. I bought beads. Silver beads, glass beads, pearls, semi-precious gemstones, crystal, all kinds of stuff. I made myself a version of that necklace. (Which I would show you a picture of but it broke and I still haven't fixed it yet...I know, I know!)Then I made little lanyards for all my friends at work. I started bringing stuff to work and making jewelry in my down time there.
Then my work decided that we could not craft or knit or anything because it causes carpel tunnel. (Whatever. I type for 10 hours a day, wouldn't you think that doing something different would be good for me?) So that left little time for jewelry.

Then I got the laptop and was able to really spend time drawing, even at work. Yea!
But, I still have all those beads! And every time we get anywhere near a bead shop S.A.M. drags my ass in there to buy more stuff. Seriously. I have tons and tons of stuff.

So I have decided to get back into jewelry. I opened up a new Etsy store, olive hue 2, but I don't have anything listed yet, as I am still waiting to get pictures taken of stuff to do listings. But seeing as I'm an artist kind of person, I drew some pictures. Really! Some of the earrings I have so far look like this:

I'm kind of excited and hoping to get lots done in the next couple of days. My artwork is not selling exactly like I'd hoped, and apparently I still need to find my niche. I have started another shop at ArtFire to see if maybe I can reach a different base of people. We'll see.

In the meantime I'm going to try something different for a while. When I get actual photographs of some of the jewelry I will post it here and you all can let me know what you think.


  1. all the best with your newest re-passion :) Currently I have got back to mine, embroidery.

    I did find a niche called the, "wow,what weird wonderful work you do" niche but it doesn't sell well. sigh! such is life.

  2. I too have tons of beads and use to make a lot of jewelry. Even after getting my PMC certification, I haven't used it a single time since the class. I'm going to work at getting you some pictures to work on for the grands. If you haven't noticed, I'm a procrastinator and famous for waiting until the last minute. Like I have to tell YOU that? LOL Good luck with your ventures. YOu're too damn talented to be doing anything OTHER than art.

  3. I love the earrings. I'm so amazed by your talent. I have no artistic talent whatsoever. My mother was very artistic but I didn't get that gene for sure. Great stuff, Tera.


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