Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So, a while back I did a picture for my niece for her birthday. I just finished up another piece for my nephew, who is turning 7 in August. He says he likes Star Wars and Transformers, but I just couldn't figure out how to turn him into either one of those things. He used to like pirates. Hopefully he still does!

I used this picture that my dad took as the base for the pirate thing. His pose (though silly at the time) turned out to be perfect!

Hopefully he's not too much of a "big" boy to like it!


  1. Oh my heavens!! Just adorable. He will love it. What a great idea!!!

  2. The pirate does look like Luke Skywalker, if you really examine it! It is really great though!!!

  3. okay, that is really super cute! I think all kids love pirates. who could outgrow that??

  4. What a beautiful picture! How could he not like it? Please let us know his reaction.


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