Thursday, July 23, 2009

Funny Things My Callers Say pt 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3

Just another day in the life at 911. All the callers were "girls".

Caller: I'd like to report an olderly man driving recklessly.

Me: A what?

Caller: An olderly man.

Me: ...okay...

Caller: I'd like to report a reckless driver on the freeway.

Me: Ok, let me have you to talk to the State Patrol...

WSP: What are you reporting?

Caller: A reckless driver on I90.

WSP: What are they doing?

Caller: Well, I'm going at least 85 and he's totally pulling away from me.
(FYI, our speed limit there is 70 mph)

WSP: Um, you wanna slow it down to 70 ma'am?

Caller: Uh, what?

WSP: You can't go 85 ma'am, and if you do you shouldn't tell me about it.

Caller: Oh. Okay.

and my personal favorite of the day :

Caller: I'd like to report a lady walking down the street who looks like she having some trouble walking. She might be drunk.

Me: Okay, how old is she?

Caller: She's elderly.

Me: By elderly, what do you mean, 70, 80, 90?

Caller: No, I'd say she looks about 42.

Me: Where are you? I'm gonna come beat you with my cane kick your ass. (No, I did not really say that to her, but I really really wanted to!)


  1. Well...I still have 3 1/2 years before I am elderly.

  2. rotflmao- great for friday to leave cracking up

  3. Oh, these are so funny! According to tht woman's estimation, I am long past elderly. I may be dead.

  4. I'm hoping it wasn't the olderly person pulling away.

  5. 42! Elderly? Did you get her name and address? Grrrr.

    Loved the girl who reported herself for speeding. ROFL

  6. Oh I love the first one!!!!!!!

  7. 42! 42 is not elderly nor olderly!!!


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