Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Day In My Life at 911

I often sometimes get frustrated by people who call 911 to have the police come out to tell their roommates/boyfriends/sisters (whatever) to let them get their stuff out of the apartment they've just been kicked out of. I often sometimes get frustrated by people who call 911 because their neighbor parks in front of their house. I frequently sometimes get frustrated by people who call 911 to have the police come discipline their kids.

I have to laugh, though, at people who call 911 for stupid dumbass silly reasons.
Like the following: (Once again, I am NOT making this up!)

911: What is your emergency?
Caller: There's a suspicious guy walking down my street.
911: What's he doing?
Caller: Walking down the street.
911: is that suspicious?
Caller: He doesn't live on this street.
911: Does he have any weapons?
Caller: No.
911: Is he hassling people?
Caller: No.
911: Does he seem intoxicated or on drugs?
Caller: No.
911: So why is he suspicious?
Caller: Because he doesn't belong in this neighborhood!
911: ...sigh...

911: What is your emergency?
Caller: There's, like, 30 people over in the park on the baseball diamond.
911: Okay. What are they doing?
Caller: Playing baseball.
911: ...(?) And that's a problem because...
Caller: The parks and recreation guy said the field is only for people under 16 years old.
911: ...sigh...

911: What is your emergency?
Caller: There is a suspicious guy at the gas station.
911: What's he doing that's suspicious?
Caller: He's parked at the gas pump.
911: Um, is he getting gas?
Caller: I don't know, but the gas station's closed.
911: Is it one of those pumps you can pay by card after the station is closed?
Caller: I don't know. You just need to get someone out there.
911: It's not against the law for him to buy gas after dark...
Caller: He shouldn't be there! You just need to get a cop out there!
911: So other than him being there after dark, what else is suspicious about it?
Caller: He's black.
911: Really? You think he's suspicious because he's black? (Yes, I actually asked him that.)
Caller: Yes! Are you sending a f*ing cop or what?!
911: ...sigh...

I think I have a permanent dent in my forehead from banging it against my desk.


  1. OH my gosh.. YOU just can't fix stupid can you!

  2. Awesome picture you did for Mr. Otin.. you are so multi talented...I am going to let it slip by ..about the comment thingy ;-)

  3. You should write those in a journal and when you get enough, it would make a good bathroom book, or coffee table book!

    The picture was brilliant!

  4. I have spent time here browsing your posts. Your art has caught my eye and I am very impressed with your work. Not that you need that from me, I just am.
    Anywho, I didn't post a comment on all of them just this one. Love your blog!

    Now about these calls. . . I would totally have a concusion from banging my head on the desk! WOW!

  5. Tera, I'm a first time visitor to your blog from Cleveland, OH. I was reading Otin's blog and he mentioned you, your blog and the picture you made for him. Very cool and awesome work. I just read a few of your other posts and wanted to get my comments started. I'll visit back for sure.

  6. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY don't want your job. But I like the book idea. :-)

  7. Hey, I left something for you over at my place. Feel free to stop by and pick it up!

  8. wow, some people are really... well, I hesitant to use the word stupid, but they are lame brained.


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