Tuesday, September 1, 2009


My dad sends me lots of pictures. He likes to take pictures, always has, and I occasionally post a couple here and there. Over the past week or so he's been sending me a lot, but they are not of the beach or the grandkids. He has been scanning in a bunch of old photos dating back from the 30's through the 80's, of family and friends. I love seeing these old pictures, even if they are of relatives, and other people, I never met. I really love this one of my Great-Aunt Neva ("Nene") and my grandmother (middle and right) with an unknown friend of theirs. Looks like it dates to the 30's sometime, judging by the clothes. I love the hats!

He also sent me these of himself and my mom that I think date around the time they got married, it looks like. My dad looks like he's got that James Dean cool thing down, and my mom was so cute!

Then he sends pictures like this.

Can you tell I was a little shy as a kid? That's my grandmother again, my dad's mom, Marion.
Thanks, dad!


And now for something completely different... I got my first bloggy award!

From Pastor Sharon. She rocks walks Dances with God! She is one cool pastor and I would totally go to her church if only she would move here and start one!

This award was apparently started by Bookin' With Bingo. What a great way to share some of your favorite blogs! Pastor Sharon got one and is passing it along in true blogger fashion. I will pass it on as well, and maybe introduce one or two of you to some new and different blogs. I am so lame, I rarely take time to comment on their blogs, but I do read them, and about 473 (well, okay, maybe not quite) others, nearly every day.

B for Beautiful: I give this one to Beth Niquette who does wonderful, fanciful drawings and cloud "paintings", and truly has a gift for seeing fabulously unique things in our ordinary world!

I for Informative: I give to Michel at Facts Are Strictly Optional, because I learn something from her everyday. Things like how wonderful Little Debbie products are, or that there is such a thing as Bacon flavored vodka! Sometimes (frequently) I become informed just by reading the comments other people leave. Most important, though, I've learned that I do not, under any circumstances, ever want to work for the Government and live in Sudan. Thanks, Michel!

N for Neighborly: I give this one to Janie at Midlife Slices. She was one of the very first people in the blog-o-sphere to truly befriend me. Janie, seriously, you are welcome at my house for margaritas any time!

G for Gorgeous: goes to Jason at The Jason Show. He has wonderful stories of family life, great pictures, funny stuff, sad stuff. He knows how to make fun of himself while providing valuable lessons of tolerance in a not-so-tolerant world.

O for Outstanding: goes to Eileen at Sane Without Drugs. She is crazy and makes me laugh, but also makes me think about stuff. I love her photos of her flowers and cats (and everything else). Just one thing...will someone please rescue poor Fluffy?!

Now go check 'em out! I love you guys!


  1. You did a wonderful post on us!! Very sweet. Thank you for the kind words and the award.

    I love your old photos. Quality scanning!! I am impressed.

  2. I cannot believe that you have not gotten any creative awards before? There must be some oversights! :)

  3. Awww...you're so sweet to think of me even if I suck at passing along awards. It's the thought that counts, right? You already know I think you're the best!


  4. Gorgeous? Out of all the letters you gave me gorgeous? I'm so flattered and I appreciate your the plug for The Jason Show. It means a lot to me, even if it is "just a blog".

    Thank you!

  5. haha! THANK YOU! I'm like a damn public service campaign.

  6. Thank you again :-) I put up your award today.

    I was serious that I would like to send you pictures of my boys to turn into a drawing for them as a Christmas gift. I will drop you an email.

  7. Congrats on the award!! I too love this blog and your pictures! Do you ever do work for other people. I would love to talk to you about that.

  8. congrats on your bloggie award!!!

    I love that pic of you as a lil girl.

  9. Congrats on your award. I love the old pictures too. Even when I don't know a soul in them. They just speak to me.

    Between the full moon and holiday weekend, I hope things are calm for you at 911 if you're working.


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