Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I previously posted about doing my own take on the Wizard of Oz characters. First character was Scarecrow. Now I've (more or less) finished the Cowardly Lion. You've seen it here first folks! One day I will be famous!

Still playing around with the Toto, not sure if I need to make him look more robotic to fit in with the whole "steampunk" thing?


  1. This is a lovely photo.

    This whole steam punk area of art(forgive my verbage) is very unique.

    The robotic dog is a great idea.
    So, you said let you know what we think?
    Here are my thoughts.
    What if you do a human Toto as you have done with the other characters.
    Toto represented quite a bit in the movie. He was a watchdog, a comforting companion. He sounded with a bark for in coming or present danger. He was kind of a soldier type character as well. (I know this is kind of out there. . . it's just a thought.)

    I love what you've done with the Lion here. Great work.
    Tera, you are onto something. I see your future and it is incredible!

  2. That is awesome Tera and I love the dog too cool for school!

  3. I love your pictures!! Very creative!

  4. Your art work is phenomenal!!!

    Do you barter at all??? I love to trade with other artists...

    (Otin sent me)

  5. ooh...very nice Tera! Please remember the little people when you are famous!! We totally knew you when you answered 911 calls.

  6. I love this girl! I especially love the top that she is wearing. does she have a ring on, too?

  7. I liked the woman scarecrow!! Nice. The robotic birds were excellent.

    I can't decide on the dog either?? Maybe more metal for the tail? or head? Depends if you want him to look friendly or not. Right now the dog still looks snugly. The bird was scary looking which I liked.

  8. I am probably the least creative person you will ever meet but I really like Pastor Sharon's idea.


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