Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thought I'd Share Some Disappointment

Cape Disappointment, actually.
These are some pictures my dad took when they were recently at Fort Columbia State Park at sunset. This is a beautiful park, and if you're ever on the Long Beach Peninsula or even in Astoria, OR, it is well worth taking the time to stop.
Or so I've been told.
I'm a terrible tourist. I so rarely do things I should. But I have talked to my dad and next time we are visiting the folks we are definitely going to go by there.


  1. Oh whewwww....I saw the title to this post on my reader and thought I was going to find bad news. Glad it's not bad news and I hope you take the time to see this in person, next time.

    Have a great weekend, my friend. Muah!

  2. Me too. I was preparing for bad news. Glad to see all is well. Beautiful pictures. Just do it.

  3. I am glad it was not real disappointment!!!

    Great pics! The top one if fabulous of the sun setting.

  4. Hahahahaaa..ya got me! Wonderful photography!


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