Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Gimme a head with hair, long beautiful hair"

Ok. I don't normally link to other people's post, but this had me laughing out loud! Seriously, I almost pee'd my pants. (Well, okay, that could have partly been because of the giant latte I just drank.) Then I cried, because I remembered that I used to think a lot of these girls guys were really cool.
Anyway, check out some major hair at
Now That's Nifty, which I found at The Popcorn Trick. I've seen a lot of these before, and Lord knows there are lots and lots (and lots and lots) of other hair bands that were not mentioned on this list. But what makes it so fun are all the snarky comments.

And I'm all about the snarky comments.


  1. Awe Man! They were totally HOT back in the day! The hair was to dye for! Not to mention the skin-tight, tapered jeans, or painted on leather pants! Oh yah! Mama's gonna get some luvin' tonight! lol

    These days, though, they all look like wanna be drag queens. :oP


  2. Sometimes I just can't believe the 80's really happened. What were we thinking?!

  3. awwe man! I totally loved them. AND I also totally loved men with makeup. I can't believe I didn't know about men being gay...I just thought they were great! (still do, frankly). I used to have the biggest crush on the drummer from queen and was depressed when I realized he was never gonna love me!

  4. When it comes to music, I've always thought that I was born into the wrong time period. I totally missed out on these guys and the other hair bands.

  5. I never even heard the expression "80's hair band" until recently. And I was there in the 80's! I guess I didn't notice anything unusual about the hair. Or maybe I just didn't notice because I had a hard time seeing anything because MY hair was in my eyes.


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