Sunday, May 24, 2009

My First Giveaway!

Cue the bells and whistles and applause! Fireworks? Woo hoo!

Okay, so maybe it's not really all that exciting. Bear with me - I haven't had a giveaway and I'm thinking it might be fun!

I was talking to a co-worker today about a recent UFO call we got. (We do get them from time to time but they tend to be pretty tame.) Mostly we just give out the number for the UFO Hotline, because it's really not all that interesting. I suspect they are mostly jets from the local airport that are seen at a weird angle or something.
However, we both had interesting UFO stories of our own to share. I will share mine, because, well, it's really cool and it's my blog! (I think we've been over this before...) Plus I just read that they have declared May to be National UFO month in Canada. (Any Canadians know if this is true? Or is it just some UFO nut hopeful?)

But wait! you cry. Where's the giveaway part?! Well, it's this: I'm going to share with you all my UFO story. Then I would like for anyone interested to share their UFO story in the comments section. In a couple of days, (oh, how about Wednesday night?) I will select the one that I think is the best for whatever reason I see fit (again: My. Blog.) and then whoever the winner is will get to choose one of my Space Girl prints!
That's right, any one of my lovely Space Girls in all her 8x10 glory. I'll even sign it for you if you like.
So if you want to participate, tell your story (Reader's Digest version, please) in the comments section. I will then pick a winner and ask for you to email me with an address where to mail your Girl.

And here's my story:

It was late summer 1989. I was living in Colville, WA and working at a mom and pop grocery store until fairly late at night. Usually I walked home from work (unless it was raining because, you know, I melt in the rain). Anyway, my roommate came down one night to walk home with me. As we were walking up the hill we were commenting about how nice it was, a few clouds in the sky, the moon shining behind one cloud to the east looked really cool, yadda yadda. All of a sudden he stops dead in his tracks and looks over to the west. I say, hey what's up? He just stands there so I turn around and look. And there, to the west is THE MOON! I know, right?!
So we look back to the east at the really bright light behind the cloud. We stand there watching it for about 30 seconds and all of a sudden it just drops from the sky. Super fast. It goes down behind the tree line and we can't see it anymore but just then all these...beams -for lack of a better word, shoot up. They start moving back and forth like search lights.

My friend and I, at that point, start running for the house. He gets on the phone and calls a friend of his to come get us in his truck ('cause we were in college and p-o-o-r then, so of course we had no car). Friend #2 shows up and we start driving in approximately the direction of the lights. By this time we figure whatever it was went down across the Canadian border (I'm sensing a possible theme here...). We got to a clearing where we had a pretty good sight line and stopped. It was late, we never would have made the border crossing before closing at that point.
At this time the lights were getting dimmer and dimmer until there was just a glow on the horizon. Then about the time we decide to go we hear "whup whup whup whup whup" and look to the east in time to see a couple of these and
one of these hauling ass for the border.

We never did find out what the dealie-o was, and we tried! We called the local Air Force Base, we called radio stations and weather services and nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch. I'm sure it was probably some military test plane or something.
Or was it...?

Your turn.


  1. My helicopter close encounter was the local cops hovering over my house at 2 am chasing some suspects down into my back yard. Scary stuff. Just like close encounters... the cops had bright spot lights shining through my windows making the dark seem like day.

    At least 911 was kind enough to tell me what was going down when I called unlike the government for you.

  2. Sadly, I've never had a UFO experience unless you count the numerous objects my X use to fling when he was pissed but then again I usually could identify those objects so technically they weren't UFO's. Good luck with the giveaway and I'll spread the word on twitter.

  3. Okay, here's MY UFO Story! This happened around ten years ago.

    We lived in a small town out in the middle of nowhere in Oregon. I was taking one of my daughter's friends home late at night, and as we drove along, a HUGE rocket shaped object ponderously arose from the thickly wooded hills. Astonished, we pulled over to watch it. As it rose, the air whipped and whirled above the object, curling the clouds around and around, to make a gigantic hole in the clouds, through which the object gracefully vanished.

    The next day in the newspaper an article said a rocket had misfired from somewhere over in California, and had flown over Oregon. Not so! What I saw came straight up from the hills and it didn't look like any rocket I'd ever seen.

    There's my UFO story. (grin) They ARE among us!!! (heehee)

  4. When I was about 8 years old we lived in Florida down a street with only a few other houses, and no street lights. Each evening after dinner we would go for a walk where we were accompanied by a few cats that liked to walk with us. On this summer night, I had my fantastic big wheel and my mom and I walked down the street, when out of no where this huge round flying thing (UFO) came spinning violently around. It was big, and I could see the terror in my mom's face. It was covered in lights that were blue, green and white, and hovered overhead for a minute until I picked up my big wheel by the handle and followed my moms instructions "RUN"!
    We did not stop until we got home.

    threadbeaur [at] yahoo dot com

  5. I have no UFO stories! I feel so left out.


  6. My UFO story goes like this: We were checking our corn field when we found these large perfect circles where the corn has been cut down or blown over. Oh wait! That was a movie! Damn! I got nothin.

  7. I dunno if Im too late to join the contest, but heres my story.

    I was in 7th or 8th grade. my friend of approximately the same age was staying the night. we were in my room playing monopoly and gossiping about boys (of course). the lamp was on in the room, but it wasnt brightly lit.

    all of a sudden, just like in the movies, we saw a light shining through the window. a big, bright light. we looked out the window, but the light had moved over the house. we ran outside, but the light was moving away up in the sky (more vertically than horizontally) and wasnt so bright anymore. there was no sounds at all (i.e. it wasnt a helicopter). we tried to tell people, but they all thought that were were two little girls making up stories.

    I have never forgotten that and never figured out what it was. it moved REALLY fast and without any noise, so it was unlike a helicopter. I dont know if I believe in UFOs and stuff, but I have no explaination for what I saw.

  8. Well. Darn. I missed a really fun contest. I used to see UFOs frequently in my 20s... oh wait, I was drunk... so I was probably seeing something that wasn't really there anyway...


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