Sunday, September 12, 2010

On a Cheerier Note

Winston is having a tea party! In the bath.
Sounds good to me!

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  1. I love Winston and yes he's got the right idea!

  2. oh winston, up to his old tricks

  3. Hi, Tera! I love Winston, too--and what better place to have a tea party!

    We were in Spokane at the end of June. We performed twice there! We made a lot of new Friends--I have a feeling we'll be back there one of these days--I'll let you know when we are!

    I'd love to grab a cuppa java with you! ((hugs))

  4. Hi! I tried to write to you via email--but it came back as unable to send.

    We were in Spokane in mid-August--my husband and I travel across the pacific Northwest (we've been to the East Coast Twice), performing drama (my husband writes them) for churches and community events.

    When we were in Spokane, we performed for two churches--we met the most wonderful people there and fell in love with the city.

    I have no doubt but that we'll be back! When we do--I'll let you know! It would be great to grab a cuppa java in town.

    By the way, when we were there, we had breakfast in the most amazing place--the food was fabulous and the restaurant is in a train car!!!


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