Sunday, September 19, 2010

This is Halloween

Okay, so it's a little early. But we just found out at work that we are having a costume contest on Halloween for those of us unlucky enough to be working that day.

Except there's a catch: We have to dress up as a typecode.

Let me 'splain.

As a 911 operator in my county, I have the unfortunate job of talking to the public that calls in on 911 and figuring out what to do with them. We call this "triage": we take their information, chop it up into a Reader's Digest Condensed version and enter it into the computer system where it is routed to the appropriate dispatcher to ignore handle.
Every call we take has to be entered with the appropriate typecode, which is a 2 to 6 digit "code" for whatever is going on. Like "DV" for domestic violence. PERW for a person with a weapon (but only if it's not a DV, because if it was, then it would be DVW).
ACCINJ for a vehicle accident where someone is injured.
BURGR for a residential burglar.
And the less obvious like PRKVIO for parking violation. DVOPV for violation of a restraining order. LANDIS for landlord tenant disputes. ALMH for hold up alarm.
And the extremely obvious: ARGUE. FIGHT. DUI. NOISE. STAB. ARSON. BOMB.


I've been trying to get STOOPD and WHINER, but so far they aren't going for it.

So I've been trying to figure out what would be fun. Clearly things like LEWD just wouldn't be appropriate for the workplace. PROST(itution) probably wouldn't be either. DOA might be fun.

Secret Agent Man suggested I be a missing person:

not this kind

this kind (ADULTM)

...and just not show up.

AIRDN (airplane down) would be interesting to try.

As would RECKDR (reckless driver).

I also like DETOX (detox van for an intoxicated person) or LIQVIO (liquor violation).

Or WELFAR (check the welfare of someone).

Too bad we don't have a typecode for train wreck...
I can do that without even trying!


  1. It sounds like fun! Although I'm still a little confused.

  2. I LOVE S.A.M.'s idea of being a missing person and not showing up!!! HAHAHA!

    (I also like your human calendar! :))

  3. HAHAHAHA! Now THAT's a challenge. You must show us what you choose. Please! Thanks for the flashback of the Missing Persons. "What are words for..." Great. Now it's stuck in my head.

    I like STOOPD. Good grief, what's the code for the loonies who call to say they ain't servin' no chicken nuggets?

  4. ONFIRE for when the person's head is currently on fire. That would be a wicked costume. I'm assuming that there is a code for that. If not, how about WITCH or VAMPIR?

    Given the recent popularity of vampires, I would assume there is a code for when people call in saying they've seen one.

    Or, I guess that would go under CRAZY or TWILIT.

    And for the record, BURGR clearly means Burger, not burglar... geez.

    Awesome post by the way.

  5. We're having a contest in our office too, but yours sounds like a lot more fun.

    I'd go with the missing person milk box. LOL. Sweet!!!

  6. Oh thank God Halloween is on a Sunday (for me - sorry for you). Last thing I feel like is being in a room with a bunch of 13 year olds on Halloween.

    Can you dress up like a psycho bitch (PSYCOBCH)? I call 911 on my next door neighbor occasionally - a psycho bitch who works herself into a psycho rant that goes on for hours and sounds so scary it makes my dog try to crawl up behind my back like a boa (he's a border collie)?

  7. Ohmigosh I just laughed til I practically cried. The possibilities here are endless ...

    Do you have a code for 'flasher'? You could wear a trench coat and tennis shoes, and roll up your pant legs ...

    Personally though ... I like the 'missing person' suggestion.


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