Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas, a little early

I took a break from drawing for the Thanksgiving week as we had a lot of family time and other stuff going on, not to mention I still had to work every day. Plus it snowed like crazy, and that's a distraction of another kind.

Then I took a break from the Sketchbook Project and spent my drawing time working on a Christmas card for this year, which I then decided to have Moo print up instead of trying to do it myself.

Tomorrow is my printing day (finally!) for other projects and then, alas, back to work. And Sketching! That, at least, is a "yea"!


  1. Reminds me of your present snow. I just love the Q for quail framed picture that you did for me. Too bad there isn't room for a little California Quail at the base of the Christmas tree. But, better not as that fox might take it after it is done with the snowshoe bunny. Oh, 58 California Quail were scratching in the snow in back of the house for the grain I scattered. Dependant cusses.

  2. oh this is beautiful!!! what a wonderful piece.....I hope we get snow for the Holidays here!!!!

  3. This is so great tera! I love that the squirrels are decorating the tree, I hope your staying warm,its real cold here too..brr, have a good day xx

  4. This is good, sweet friend, very good!

    Still love the one you did of me and my Mom. it is framed on my desk!

  5. Helloooooooo! What a beautiful and peaceful card! Awwww, I want to cuddle the fox.


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