Saturday, November 13, 2010

Drumroll please...

No? Ok. That's fine. I'll just toot my own horn instead.


Seriously though, I have finished (more or less) the two winning ideas from my giveaway last week.
First up, Otin's idea: I could picture a sad little girl holding a dirigible tied to a string. she is sad because she wanted a shiny red balloon and not a drab, gray dirigible.

I love her sad little face...although, truth be told, she has that look like she might pitch a royal temper tantrum any second now!

I also had picked an idea presented by Ellie: Either an super eel monorail, or an octopus hot air balloon.
I may, at some time, visit the super eel monorail idea, but I loved the octopus hot air balloon idea.
And here he is:

You may ask, "why Japanese lanterns?" To which I will reply, "why not?" I dunno, I just thought they'd look pretty. I have a weird imagination, I will admit.

So anyway, Otin and Ellie, I will have prints off to you as soon as I am able to get down in the dungeon basement and print them out for you! Yea!


  1. they are both superb! and i have to say, each time i pop in here, i really do want coffee :)

  2. I'd trade my balloon for the dirigible any day!

  3. I love these. And yes, the little girl looks a bit wicked. :)

    BTW, I am still at zero on my sketchbook. I think I'll consider my fee a donation to the cause. ;(

  4. The look on that girl's face is Bad. Ass.

  5. I brought my horn, and I'm tooting it for ya! Zowie, these are faaaaaaantastic! Oooh, I love sad/mad little girl. She's gorgeous, and her stance is just perfect! I'm with Captain. I'd rather have the dirigible, too.

    And weeeeeee to the adorable octopus! The view must be awesome from there. Open your eyes! :D

  6. These are great!! I love the girls face! The expression is perfect! Congrats!

  7. first time visitor and loving your work and your great sense of humor too! Looking forward to following!


  8. oh my heavens!!!! these pieces are FANTASTIC!!!! I love your are so talented and I think you should do this more....ask for some inspiration and see where it takes you...brilliant ideas and brilliant illustrations!!! I am always happy when I pop by!!!!

  9. I have to say as Octopus or Octopi are my favourite animals I just loved the picture with him floating away and I think he is smiling ! I also love the little girl picture. I have never seen your blog before so I will be visiting often. Just love your work

  10. βιντεο νεα φωτογραφιες

  11. you absolutely have a wonderful imagination! The little girl really does have a wonderful expression and the colors and designs in the other are fab.

  12. So cute girl Tera. Lovely ideas!
    Great that you are doing excellent in spite of your busy job...

    visit my blog sometime

  13. Tera, Thank you. Thank you.
    Been away for two weeks and what do I find sitting there waiting for me, octopus hot air balloon. So cool. I love the chinese lanterns. It looks like it would be such a pleasant ride. A million thanks.


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