Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Yesterday was my day off.
Technically, yesterday was a vacation day, since this week we switched schedules and my only day off was Sunday. I did not like that so I took an extra day, since I'm switching to 10 hour shifts - which is a big, hairy "ugh" but it gives me 3 day weekends with Secret Agent Man. I have worked here over ten (10) years and this will be my first time with weekends off. Ever. Sheesh!

"So, what did you do on your vacation day," you ask? 
First, I got coffee. 'Cause, you know, that's the most important thing. For me and my parents, who are in town for a few weeks. [Which is great, especially this week because Secret Agent Man is away on Secret Agent business until Friday. (Which is now my day off, yea!)]
Then mom and I went out on errands. We got my boots and her purse fixed. I picked up a ring SAM was getting fixed. We went and bought some silverware for my folks, who are v.e.r.y.s.l.o.w.l.y. moving here, and only brought a little with them. 
Then I dropped her off and went grocery shopping. Got gas. Got a car wash. Went home. Did the dishes. Scooped the cat box. Fed the cats. (Isn't this exciting??) Went back to mom and dad's for dinner and to see my brother and his kids for a bit.
Went home. Made some cards. Talked to SAM and went to bed.

"Wait. What? Made cards? You don't make cards..."

Well, I'm giving it a shot.

See, a couple weeks ago I got a query from a girl who wanted some custom stationery with my little F is for Frog guy for her mother. So I went out and bought some cards, letter sheets and envelopes and printed some out. Then wondered what I was going to do with all the leftover stuff.
I decided that since my jewelry shop on Etsy isn't going as planned (that would be one of those "no sales" plans...) I have decided to stop trying to sell the jewelry and start selling stationery and note cards. It's not only a good excuse to use all my leftover card stuff, but also a good excuse to use my new Slice machine, since I don't scrapbook, but really really wanted one. I am also planning on making some paper mobiles like this one, 


but I'm still working out the logistics on those...

Anyway, so I cut and  pasted my little heart out. I have 6 sets so far (I had 7 but gave one to my mom), and plan on putting together a few more so SAM can take pix of them this weekend instead of my crappy cell phone pictures so I can list them for sale. They are mostly cut out cards with pretty paper stock behind the cut-out window. Some have cut out flowers glued to the front instead.

I am always looking for a new creative, fun, artsy outlet. Hopefully this will be a good one.


  1. smiles. good job trying something new...just coming off vacay and i need another...lol...

  2. Oh, your day off sounds like mine! I am so busy I need a day off from my day off!

    Good luck with the card gig (no, I really mean it!) :)

  3. Hi Tera! I see you are still as busy as ever. As for the Etsy store, I think it's just like eBay in that there gets to be so many "stores" that it's just by luck if yours gets discovered. I don't know what but there should be a better way. Anyway, just dropping by to say hey and I hope you're doing well. HUGS

  4. You need a day off from your day off.

    The cards are adorable! I lurv papercrafts! And your cards are beautiful and clean and crisp. Etsy is competitive, no doubt about it. Oy!

  5. Many aid, encouragement, kindness...
    From all over the world...

    Thanks to all of them.
    Tears of the heart will accept them.

    From Japan, ruma


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