Sunday, March 13, 2011

I changed my mind

Which is not surprising. I do that a lot.
So, what did I change my mind about? Well, it has to do with the 100 Illustrations book that I'm going to be part of.
Initially I was going to go with this little guy:

Then I found out I could submit a second piece! So I decided to go with this one:

I liked the contrast between cute and sketchy looking (the picture looks more like a sketch, not that the mouse is "sketchy".  Silly.) and the more  moody look of the rain one. 
Then I drew the kitties. And I just really like the one with the little dragonflies. So Buddy is going to replace the little mouse guy, which I'll just use for something else. Yay, Buddy!
He's thrilled about getting published. And by thrilled I mean he blinked at me, yawned, and then proceeded to clean his back left foot. Oh well. That's a cat for you! 


  1. I loved the rain piece....i think the kitten is a great counter balance....congrats on be able to get 2 submitted! Sue♥

  2. Je suis attirée par l'ensemble de vos dessins et je comprends votre indécision. Moi-même lorsque je dois faire un choix restreint de toiles, c'est un véritable dilemme. Mais j'avoue que ce dernier avec ce délicieux minou à la blanche tâche en forme de coeur est un bon compromis.. J'adore la libellule.
    Gros bisous.

  3. Let's be honest here. There really IS no wrong choice for the second piece. They are all wonderful! Wow, that rain piece is beautiful and brilliant! The touches of color are lovely, and the setting is fantastic. Well done!!!

  4. Love rain one.

    But prefer the mouse over the cat. Me and cats? Not friends.


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