Wednesday, March 23, 2011

He almost made it

He was one tired little kid...


  1. awww...too cute...let him sleep...

  2. Oh! That is too sweet!!! I often feel the same way!

  3. aw, i feel like i want to do the same thing! :)

  4. the ability to pass out anytime, anywhere, sadly wasted on the young... and wasted I guess.

  5. How sweet. Let him be. I'm sure it was hard not to pick him up and squeeze him or rock him for a moment.

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  7. How absolutely adorable! I can remember when my babies would just drop where they got tired. Boy do I feel old now - my 'babies' are 19 years old now!

    I missed a couple of your posts, and when I went back, I LOVE Buddy with the dragonflies! I can't help but notice he has a heart on his chest!

  8. Trop mignon... les enfants s'adaptent à toutes les situations....


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