Sunday, February 28, 2010

Business 2 Blogger

I don't know if any of you have checked this out yet, but I found it through Jay at Halftime Lessons. He and a couple of gorgeous gals named Shauna and Holly have started this website - Business 2 Blogger - to help blogs (and business!) make some money and/or swag and generate some business.
Oh yah - it's free, too! Seriously! No, really... FREE!

What they do is send you an email with several blogging opportunities. You are provided a link to submit your interest in whatever campaign you choose. If you are selected, you get an email telling you the details of the campaign and what is required for you to participate. There are free books to people who will read and review, or clothing to try, etc. Others just want you to write about something using certain words to see what happens on web searches. They differ. Go check out the site, it explains it better than I can.

Anyway, what I discovered is that most of the business want you to have a certain page rating or a certain amount of people reading it everyday. Being a relatively new blog I'm not too high up on the ranks yet. But a couple days ago I submitted my site for a campaign for Glasses USA. Usually by the time I get around to it, the chances are gone (typically they only want 5-20 bloggers for whatever) but this time I was actually able to submit my name. And even though they wanted someone with a page rating of 4+ (mine's only 3) there was an area to type some info if you wanted. So I said I had been a glasses wearer for 20 years and was always looking for stuff to blog about. And they picked me!

So now I have to send them my prescription and pick out a pair of glasses, then review them when they send them to me. Great! I just wish I'd seen this before I went out and bought a new pair of glasses 2 weeks ago! Dang those things are gettin' 'spensive!

Anyway, go check it out. It's interesting at least to see who's wanting what and maybe it'll give you some ideas. Best case scenario is you'll get some cash-ola or some nice "prizes"!

Now I just need to figure out how to get Ford to give me one of these if I agree to blog about it...!


  1. Hi my friend. I'm glad you are getting some new opportunities and I only have one question. How do you find out what your page rating is? I'm just curious.

  2. I hope this is productive for everyone involved! It is so hard to make enough money lately!

  3. YAY! So glad that it is working out for you. I don't have a PR 4 on my personal blog and I have been blogging for YEARS. Thanks so much for the sweet words and you are my new BFF for the gorgeous comment.

  4. Gosh. This is really interesting. And I have to find out what you mean, by page rating. Such an interesting concept.

    Thanks for letting me (us) know.

  5. How cool is THAT?! I've never heard of such things...

    Hey thank you for your kindness. The loss of our kitty has been more profoundly hurtful than I would have ever known.

    We are both grieving and I can't seem to stop crying. It is silly--I know she was just a cat--but she was more than that, too.

  6. Admittedly, never heard of this. Going to check them out as we speak. I'm all about increasing my exposure. LOL. I'm stuck in the never-ending Alexa-slightly-up-Alexa-slightly-down game.


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