Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spring Fever Necklace

A while back (has it been that long??) I said I was working on a necklace using some of the pretty, pretty beads from Well, I finally got it done! It turned out to be fairly labor intensive, plus I haven't had much time to work on it, but I think it was worth it.

I used these Czech glass flowers and these Venetian glass beads and these Olive green ("Army" green) glass beads and a whole bunch of these Rose Swarovski crystals and these Olivene Swarovski crystals. Along with some old peachy-pink glass beads I had laying around.

It kind of represents my desire to be done with winter and get on with spring!

Necessary Legal Stuff: I have received the above mentioned products from and am honestly reviewing them. I have not been paid for my endorsement.


  1. I am not too artsy and have trouble matching my own clothes, but hey, I'll comment anyway. LOL. For what it's worth, I really like the necklace. Seriously!

  2. That is absolutely lovely! Wow!

    To answer your question--when I'm outside with my camera I don't look for specific things. Clouds change so quickly--and to tell you the truth, I never know what I'm going to capture with my lens.

    My imagination never quits, it is as though my eyes are constantly on the lookout for the unusual--seeing shapes of things we know, in ordinary things of nature.

    I never know what I'm going to see! (grin) Thank you for asking--that was a thoughtful question.

    Have a great weekend, Tera!

  3. oh wow!!! this is beautiful and the colours are perfection...perfect for Spring!!!

  4. Jewelry?? What happened to the cute pictures!? hehe.

  5. Nice necklace! Thanks for stopping by the blog! Did you conjure up any zombie ideas for your cartoons? :) Also.... "cry baby!"


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