Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random Tuesdayness

Or is it "Tuesday Randomness"?
Either way...

I forgot that when I was in college I used to write poetry. I found this one in a folder the other day:

Moth-like wings of flame
dance shadows upon walls of
delicate paper.

memories flash and are gone -
sensory haiku.


  1. Thats a lovely poem. I wish I could write poetry!

    Kate x

  2. "Abbreviated memories flash and are gone"

    I love that line.

    Sometimes I look back on my old poetry and can't believe I ever wrote it.

  3. I'm snapping my fingers in your direction... very cool!

  4. I'm so jealous. I can't do poetry. At all.

  5. Very impressive. How are you? Just checking in now that we're dug out. 19" of snow in two days. Not as bad as DC, but bad for us in Cleveland.

  6. Woo Hoo! I received my Art Work from you!! It is aleady framed and hanging in my daughters' room. I am going to post a picture of it in tonight's post.

    You are very talented!!!


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