Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And we have...

...a winner!

Last night I enlisted the help of Secret Agent Man and we picked a wiener, I mean, winner, for the giveaway.

[drum roll here]

Pseudonymous High School Teacher
! Yea!

I hate her because she lives in Hawaii and I don't.
I love her because she's awesome and has followed me a long time. (For whatever reason I can't quite figure out...) And one of these days I'm going to call her up and say, hey, can I come camp in your backyard?
And she also has a lovely blog - so go visit!

So, thanks to all who played along.
If you didn't win and really, really wanted to, I'm sorry. But stay tuned, because I'm going to have another giveaway once I get this Sketchbook Project project done, for one of the art pieces that's going in the book. So keep watching. I know it's not as groovy as one of MoseyDog's rings, but since her stuff is still phenomenally priced, you should all go buy something anyway.


  1. oh how super awesome!!!! let me know when you go camp out in her backyard...I want to come too!!!!!

  2. Bravo à la gagnante !... Et gros bisous à tous

  3. darn psuedo...i i could not think of a nicer person, that may let me camp as well one day...smiles.

  4. Yay for pseudo!

    I hate/love her for the same reasons.

    Didn't even know about the giveaway... have been steering clear of the interwebs lately... slowly getting back in the groove.


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