Friday, January 14, 2011


Despair is ugly.
it smells bad
and it's shoes don't fit.

it clutches at you with ragged
chewed-nail hands
to weigh you down

Despair is also a liar.
(pants on fire)
it says "I'm just tired today"
or "I'm just a little sad,
I'll be fine tomorrow..."
But it won't go away.

it wants a drink
and dinner
and a bubble bath
and your best teddy bear
and before you know it
a sleep-over turns into a week
is a month
is a year
needs a restraining order.

and then Hope come to your door.
it is not loud
it is not flashy
it sneaks in on silent little calico cat feet
and leaves



in the corner of a



but Hope is strong
it is powerful
and Hope tells Despair to
get thee behind me

Hope sways
and Hope swings
Hope flutters by on
butterfly wings

Hope sings
and Hope shimmers
let it in when it knocks.
Hope rocks.

For Lille Diane, thanks for starting such a wonderful project!

Wanna participate? Go here.


  1. Tera that poem is amazing...who wrote it? I watched the video on Lille Diane's blog about the Hope project, what a fab idea..!

  2. Rebekah-
    I wrote it last night when I couldn't sleep.
    A little more productive than playing Angry Birds on my cell phone... :)

  3. this was beautiful...and quite the journey...but i imagine in some ways we have all been there...and i wish hope for those that find themselves there now...

  4. oh wow!!!you are so talented!!!! I love this poem...and that little rock of hope at the end...priceless!!! wonderful work and I wish you an amazing weekend filled with creativity!!!

  5. I am crying...happy...amazed...lump in muh throat...can't swallow cuz I'm so full of love for you and this straight from the wings of an angel poem!!! The phrasing, timing, depth and simplicity. I want write music for it and sing it to the stars. Tera, you turned a tough week into suddenly feeling that silky, soft blanket of HOPE around my shoulders. You Rock! You blessed me to my bones! I'm going to make a special post just for you and this uber cool poem you wrote. Thank you SO much! <3 <3 <3

  6. Sometimes emotion flows like a sweet poetry spontaneously. This Hope is just seems like that :)

  7. Geez! Tera, that is just absolutely beautiful! I love the way you turned that into something beautiful!

  8. Applause, applause! What a great poem! Hope rocks (I had to chuckle at the picture), and so do you!

    Now. Where's the rock with your name on it?

  9. Holy Crap.

    You wrote that?

    Holy Crap.

  10. I loved it. I'm full of hope! You should write more in the middle of the night. LOL.

  11. You nailed my circumstances right square on the head. Can I print and frame and hang on my wall so I can read it every single day?

  12. Girly, you made it easy for your parents to chooze you for their girl kid A hope that panned out, eh?

  13. Lille sent me over to read the poem... glad she did! I love it!


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