Friday, January 7, 2011

Mouse's Final Dive

...and he found the Octopus' Garden!

Mouse just may stay a while...I would!

This will probably be my final piece, end pages, for the Sketchbook Project. Especially since I have to post mark it by the 15th, and I still have to figure out exactly how I'm going to print and bind the dang thing!

It's definitely been a fun challenge, and I thank you all for your input and kind words regarding all these pages. I started with one thing in mind and kind of veered off course, but I think that's just fine.
I may have to re-visit some of these pages and flesh out Mouse's story a bit more. I've grown rather fond of the little guy!


  1. I just love this. I have lost my sketchbook.

  2. We need to talk, Missy. I have some ideas.

  3. Hi, I love your picture of the octopus ' garden - I make jewellery and the piece I am working on is called octopus' garden - would you mind very much if I used your illustration - my blog is - please have a look, and at my website - - I would credit you - of course - hope to hear from you soon


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