Friday, February 11, 2011

Cafe des Petits Amis

How's my French?

So here's where this came from... After the last blog post, with Mouse juggling his cocktail olives, I got this lovely comment from Martine-Alison:

martinealison said...

Adorable que cette petite souris...
Une fois je me trouvais assise à la terrasse d'un café à Mougins dans le sud de la France. En face de moi, plus loin, se trouvait un monsieur qui avait sur son épaule son animal de compagnie, un rat blanc. Parfois il lui tendait son verre pour que celui-ci boive... j'étais très surprise de ce duo de choc!
Gros bisous à vous Tera.

Um, looked nice... (and it was!)
Luckily Secret Agent Man has some understanding of French so he translated for me:
"This adorable little mouse... One time, I was sitting at a sidewalk cafe in Mougins in the south of France. In front of me later (further?), was a gentleman who had his pet white rat on his shoulder. Sometimes he held out his glass to drink it... I was very surprised by this pair! Big kisses to you Tera."

This made me want to draw a picture.
So I did.
Thanks Martine-Alison!


  1. I am not creeped out by rats as pets. Rats as household pests, like we had in Vermont, are another story. But in general, I like mice and rats.

    Love the picture.

  2. This has such a french feel to it too! Great illustration!


  3. aww...i love the pic...probably good friends sitting together...smiles.

  4. Bonjour Tera,
    Je suis très émue et flattée d'avoir été l'instigatrice de ce merveilleux dessin. Il marque désormais ce fabuleux souvenir. M'autorisez-vous à imprimer votre oeuvre ?
    Il y a une dans ce dessin une telle belle idée d'associer aussi, après celle de l'humain avec le rat, celle du chat et du rat...
    Je vous félicite, vous et Luckily, pour votre français.
    Votre petit père a une bonne bouille et il porte sur la tête la fameuse casquette française.
    Gros bisous et joyeuse Saint Valentin...

  5. Pretty Mouse Cafe! I love it. And I got the rat story, too. We had a french student living with us for a while, and she called our dog le chien du rat! Rat-dog, but we still liked her.

  6. AH! Très fantastique! Aww, he looks mighty happy and content to share his coffee with his beset friends. The rat is adorable, the cat's pose is perfect, and the gentleman, well, I want to give him a little hug. Do you think he'll be offended? And then I will stroll down the boulevard, admiring all the colorful coffee cups in the window and the wonderful French architecture. It's going to be a wonderful day!


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