Friday, February 4, 2011

Spam & Art

Dear Loser Spam Commenter,
While I actually like Spam and eggs...I do not like your recent attempts to use my blog as a re-direct to your stupid shoe advertisement blog. You have now done this twice with my last blog post. Your comments, which I have deleted, don't even make sense. So knock it off. I have reported your sorry ass as well, and while I appreciate your right to have a advertisement blog, I do not appreciate your lame-ass attempt at directing traffic there via my site. So piss off.

Dear Actual Readers,
Sorry for the rant. To make up for it I have a new piece of art to share! And a question to ask of you.

I have been asked to participate in the "100 Illustrations" book being published later this year. I am thinking of submitting one of the recent works from here and here. In addition, keeping to the same general feeling of the recent pieces, I finished this one yesterday:

My question is this - I can submit one piece of artwork of my choice. Should I submit one of these? Something from the Sketchbook? Something entirely different?

I was also thinking about this one:

I just don't know!
I think I've blown a brain fuse... :)


  1. ok, i'll stop leaving spam...smiles. really it wasnt me...i really like both of these...the mouse in particular...

  2. I love Spam! I hate spam. Booooo spam! Hooray for Spam. Tera, I am with you. I hate spammers. They make an industry of it in China, India, Philippines, California, New York... I especially hate the Indian pharmaceutical spammers who sell Viagra. Don't ever delete your blog because as soon as you do, they will snatch the blog domain and direct it to their Viagra store. Just make the blog private, in case you decide to stop blogging someday. A couple of friends of mine had their blog names snatched up by porno and Viagra sites. They had to fight back for it. Blogger helped them but it was a pain for two months. Some people who had links to their blogs were so shocked to see pornography. I hate spammers!!! So indecent.

    Okay, there.

    Now this image...I forgot about what made me upset...I am now smiling.

  3. Spammers suk. Pfhfhfht.

    I like both, er ALL of your art, so it's difficult to choose. The drawing you just finished is FABulous, but that mouse is so cute and whimsical!

    I don't want to be you and have to decide. I will, of course, be no help to you. :(

  4. I think the sad girl on the cliff is my favorite ever.

  5. Hi! I just started following your blog because your illustrations give off a "happy" feeling. :)

    Anyhow, my 2 cents are on your mouse illustration.

  6. Hi! Just wanna say first of all i really love your work! You got amazing talent! Second of all This are to totally different images the question is what do you want to project to the masses?

    Picture nr 1: For me captures you greatness and the gift to show feelings in the picture. Feelings like alone, cold, maybe even lost. So for me emotionally this picture is great.

    Picture nr 2: Just show your simplicity and the artistic mind you have. How you can come up with this images just that alone makes me fascinated of your talent.

    This is a difficult choice! Good luck!

  7. I vote for the olive juggler...or the final picture from your sketchbook of the mouse dreaming.

  8. i love the emotions evoked by the girl in the rain and the dark gentle quality overall....the little mouse is wonderful but the two pics are worlds apart! ♥Sue

  9. Going Home is my ULTIMATE favorite!

    However, that little mouse juggling olives on a martini glass. . . totally reminds me of Vodkamom's blogs about the mice.

  10. i am totally in love with that MOUSE!! and the glass, of course.

  11. Oh dear rubbish news regarding the spammers...Urgh go away, you smell, leave Tera's great blog alone..(Think that will help)? worth a try ay?!
    Okay so that image up there with the girl in the rain.HELLO its amazing!!! Absolutely amazing. However the mouse is more universally appealing I know, he's great too :-) Good luck with the book thing, how exciting!

  12. YOU get em!!! They always go back to old posts & try to leave me a message. Get a real JOB losers!!
    You crack me up, Tera!

    Sorry I haven't been over here sooner. I have the flu crud that hits with a punch a lingers for dog years... Please allow me to congratulate you on being selected for the book. You so deserve this!! I'm so happy for you. I love all your work & it would be hard to pick one, but the mouse is so darling. I love it!

    I'm putting a link up to the post you wrote the poem for Hope Rocks today. As soon as I get my voice back, I'll be working on some music for it. Sending you lots of love, dear one!!

  13. PS.... I forgot to tell you Opie Taylor will be making a few guest appearances very soon that will have you wishing you had a Depends on... seriously sister, he has some clever stuff up his monkey pants errrrr I mean sleeve~

  14. I had intended to post some information about a great buy on shoes but instead just tell you that the mouse seems a great choice to go with.
    Being lazy I would have given up with the street scene and getting all those bricks right.


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