Friday, February 18, 2011

Now offering free backgrounds!

So I've decided to try  my hand at free Blogger backgrounds.
You'll see there are a couple of new tabs at the top of my blog, under my header. The one on the right, that says "free backgrounds" will take you here.
I've also included instructions for uploading.  You can maybe use them for other blog formats, but since I don't use any others, I just don't know. If anyone tries it with something other than Blogger, or other than the Watermark template for Blogger, let me know if it works!

Update: I have decided upon 30 minutes of much consideration, that I'm going to start another blog to post the backgrounds, but I will also post them here.
New blog:

Twice the exposure, can't be all bad, right? Unless it's 95 degrees out and you don't have your backside covered, then...well...


  1. Good luck! How nice of you to share your pretty work
    Tera! Wishing you much success! Love, Becky

  2. Oh, you are so cool! Love the vintage colors on this one!

  3. #1 Rule to live by - never pass up a free meal.

    #2 Rule to live by - never pass up a free background.

  4. Your backgrounds are so pretty!

  5. Well done you, and yes extra exposure can only be good!

  6. I must say they r so pretty,how nice of you for ssharing!


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