Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Failed experiment

So I have been getting a lot of spam comments lately on this blog. Really, why do people feel the need to do that? If I wanted to link to your crappy shoe sale blog, I would have already done so. If I wanted your opinion on how American women suck and everybody needs to marry foreigners, I would have solicited it directly. (Seriously - I got one of those today...some rambling tirade by an obvious nut case. I deleted it.)
Anyway, because I was sick of them, I changed my settings to need comment moderation.

I get a big fat FAIL, because I forgot to put my email address in to have notifications that people had left comments. I thought no one loved me anymore because I had no comments! (I should have known better, eh?) Then I went in my settings to change something else, and BEHOLD! there were over a dozen comments just waiting for me!
I'm so lame.

So, sorry if anyone was checking back to see comments. I changed it back. I will just have to be diligent and keep marking spammers.
And for you who seem to think it's okay to spam innocent artists on their blogs- knock it the hell off, you losers!


  1. Un gros bisous à vous... depuis deux jours bientôt je me bats pour comprendre pourquoi mon pc s'est arrêté tout seul deux fois de suite... j'ai changé mon antivirus... je vais voir comment cela va se passer maintenant...
    A bientôt

  2. the american woman hater is annoying me...i have reported him several times...ugh.

  3. Aaaaaawwwww! I am sorry, but I am also giggling because you write about it in such a funny way. I hate spammers. I read that comment about boycotting American Women, hahahah! OMG! It was so disgusting. Some people! Spam is bad. SPAM is good. Yummy!

  4. Or you could put your email address in and give us words to make into sentences. I like using the blogger word in a sentence when I can. :)

    PS: The too-big shirt reminds me of Dobby and his sock.

  5. It wont block the spammer but it will keep up your resolve do deal with them--------a real hug from your SAM. And, throug cyber space one from me------anytime. A recent hug video on Youtube showed how cheer could spread and grow.


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