Sunday, April 26, 2009

This weekend

Three things of note for this past weekend:
1 -
It was my Anniversary yesterday. 6 whole years married to the Hubs. (Yea!) Some days it feels like forever, which is a good thing. My brother brought his kids and wife over with a yummy ice cream cake from Maggie Moo's for "lunch" and then we had a really nice dinner at our favorite little Italian place...double yum!
I finally have most (not quite all) of my necklace parts and am in the process of adapting some of my art for pendants. (Tedious, but- Yea!)
3- I got my prize from Midlife Slices! ...and it's lovely! (Yea!) I used it when I went to dinner tonight. And, even though it's a "clutch" I can use all by itself, I am also going to use it as a wallet in my giant new apple green Vegas purse (seriously, I think I can fit at least one of my cats in there!) I am a total purse slut junkie obsessed freak so it's perfect! Thanks, Ms Midlife!
I also just have to say, as a purse junkie, if you haven't discovered Vittorio handbags yet, check 'em out if you can splurge a little (just a little...) they are gorgeous! The leather is soft and they seem well made. Plus I love all the pretty colors they come in!


  1. OH...I'm so glad you liked the purple clutch. I love mine and also carry a huge bag so it fits nicely. I love purses but I'm lazy about changing them and then when I go to buy a new one, there are so many to choose from that i can't make up my mind and then I walk out without anything.

    Also, I'm so excited about your pendant project and can't wait see the finished product and order my own, so hurry up, will ya?? LOL

  2. Hi, Tera! Thanks for stopping by The Jason Show, and for commenting today. My post today wasn't drama, it was comedy. But beware: Sometimes there's drama!

    I see you read Midlife Slices as well!

    I like your sexy space girl stuff.

    See you around!

  3. Yah...I'm a little slow. I'm gonna blame it on Monday though. :)

  4. Sounds a great day, and I love the purple clutch! Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!


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